15 Most Popular Stationary Bike Stand Reviews

As the cold creeps in, a stationary bike stand is ideal to get those miles in. Here we look at the 15 most popular stationary bike stands.

When it comes to a home workout, we all have our preferences. A few kettlebells or a trusted yoga mat will sometimes do. However, if you really want to sweat and get the blood flowing you need some quality equipment.

Stationary bike stands are great if you have a bike and need to be on the move. Whether for a beginner or a pro cyclist, you can still achieve your ride from the comfort of your indoors. You can even simulate a spin workout without heavy equipment.

stationary bike stand

Without the worry of a flat tire or being stuck in traffic. You can keep to a training schedule without stepping outside. No more worrying about icy roads or even when it’s simply too sweltering under the sun. If you already have a top-tier bike then a stationary bike stand is a simple step to a great workout.

Recently, stationary bike stands have become smarter. Increased technology and tailored apps mean they are gradually becoming closer to the real thing of cycling in the open. If you’re stuck inside and really want to get moving, take a look at these popular stationary bike stands.

15 Most Popular Stationary Bike Stand


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If you are an intermediate cyclist you want a stand that will last. You want options and some idea of your improvement. The Saris Fluid2 Indoor Bike Trainer is ideal if you want to truly progress with your cycling performance.

The bike stand comes with a huge resistance range while still maintaining that road feel. Simply shift gear to tailor each ride to how hard, or fast you want to go.

Don’t worry about sweat, a patented fan mechanism on the flywheel makes it easier to bear. The smart design also incorporates app-friendly technology. The stand should work with cycling apps such as Zwift and Rouvy should you have a speed sensor.

Then there’s the versatility, for road bikes and mountain bikes it has three rear dropout spacing settings. At 120mm, 130mm, and 135mm you should find a setting that fits though it’s recommended you have trainer wheels. A fluid resistance design means you’ll get the tough ride you want but without the noise.


  • Progressive Resistance - Build up your performance, and your leg muscles by bumping up the resistance
  • Fan Mechanism - The flywheel comes with a fan mechanism to help deal with sweat
  • App-Friendly - Works with Zwift and other cycling apps like Rouvy if you have a speed sensor
  • Unique Fluid Resistance Design - You’ll still get the desired resistance but without the noise


  • Inaccurate Speed Sensor - The speed sensor can become inaccurate in speed mode
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Training plans. They may seem like a set of numbers that gradually increases yet it’s also a journey. Should the weather become inhospitable and you still want to stick to that plan then consider the Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer.

With easy assembly, you can be ready to ride that afternoon. The stand also comes with smart technology so if your plan is on an app you can stick to it.

We all want to know we’re hitting our targets. With patented fluid resistance, you can mimic a ride or stick to a specific cycling workout. The resistance alters as you ride and you will need to shift gears just as you would on the road.

With a flywheel that weighs 6.2 pounds, it’ll even have that feel of riding outside. It’s easily done too as the stand is compatible with Bluetooth technology as well as Garmin devices.


  • Easily Assembled - Little need for instructions, the stand is ready to go in no time
  • Progressive Resistance - Fluid resistance makes this a stand you can improve with
  • App Compatibility - The stand works with apps such as Zwift, Kinetic Fit, Rouvy, and TrainerMode
  • Dual-band Communication - Compatible with Garmin devices as well as Bluetooth


  • Far From Silent - You may want to drown out the noise with some music though the ride will sound realistic
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Cycling can be noisy. The pace that a wheel moves at and the extra resistance all add up in volume. A bike stand that you can set up quickly in the room of your choice without disturbing anyone? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

The Fluid Bike Sportneer Indoor Bicycle Exercise Training Stand is pretty much whisper quiet. Great for indoor cycling in a common space, you can spin without being distracting. A fluid resistance wheel and reduced-friction design mean the spinning will be easy, on your ears at least.

No matter how frantically you push the pedals, a dual locking system locks the bike in. No wobbling either with a front-wheel riser block. That’s certainly stationary yet it’s also foldable. A tool-free assembly means you can fold it away and the bike becomes truly portable.

This is great if you really want to set it up in a common space, once you’re done fold it up and store it.


  • Reduced Friction Design - A high-quality resistance wheel with a reduced-friction design takes the noise out of riding
  • Dual Locking - Your bike won’t wiggle with a dual-locking system that screws it in place
  • No Need For Tools - Assembly is really straightforward and you can start riding quickly
  • Easy Storage - The frame can be folded and portable enough to take with you


  • Lack of Tension Adjustment - Not ideal if your bike doesn’t have sufficient gearing and you want to simulate climbing
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For such a relatively small setup, the Alpcour Bike Trainer Stand packs in the features. A stainless steel frame gives you the durability you’d expect. After that, just design your ride based on the features.

Firstly, there’s a drag mimicking that comes from a flywheel mechanism. You won’t even have to worry about the noise with reduced friction that’s designed to help your bike last longer.

The bike stand is ideal for testing yourself with six resistance levels. Ideal if you want an easy flat ride and want to throw in some hills with some intervals at the click of a remote.

You’ll still ride comfortably thanks to magnetic shake-free resistance and an extra-wide base for balance. Finally, decide where you want to enjoy the view as the frame is foldable for portability.


  • Six Resistance Levels - Whether you want to go from flat to steep, on hills or roads and even intervals
  • Drag Mimicking - A flywheel mechanism comes close to replicating actual cycling drag
  • Magnetic Resistance - Ride comfortably and shake-free with magnetic resistance
  • Extra Wide Base - A low stance and an extra-wide base mean balanced riding
  • Remote Resistance - You can change the resistance to six different levels with a remote on your handlebars


  • Lack of Resistance - The magnetic resistance fails to replicate the reality of road resistance
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Power should be loud. Not with the Health Line Product Bike Trainer Stand. While it’s still able to support 26-29 inch tires up to 700C, it does so effectively. Those tires will also be put to use with a wide range of resistance levels.

The stand offers a range of eight levels which is more than most magnetic stands. Get used to tailoring your ride as close to the downhill road or the climb of the hills as you want.

Versatility is achieved yet the noise reduction wheel means it’ll remain quiet at less than 65 decibels. That’s about as quiet as a normal conversation so the neighbors will be pleased.

Portability should not be surprising yet though it can support up to 350 pounds, the frame can be compacted to just 6.5 inches. For a powerful option that isn’t short on resistance, noise reduction, or portability this is ideal.


  • Eight Levels of Resistance - More levels than most magnetic stands
  • Noise Reduction Wheel - Quiet riding which shouldn’t exceed 65 decibels
  • Can support 26-29 inch tires - Power comes from 700c tires which the stand can support
  • Weight Support - The stand can support a weight of up to 350 pounds


  • Difficult With 29-inch Tires - Certain tires of that size may rub on the floor
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Magnetic bike stands are ideal if you want a workout that won’t disturb anyone. Where you can push on a ride but still listen to your favorite tunes or a podcast. The design of the Sportneer Magnetic Bike Stand allows you to achieve a great workout at an acceptable volume.

There’s a noise-reduction wheel, a low stance, and five anti-slip rubber feet to prevent wobbling on uneven surfaces.

Though the six resistance settings are testing, it comes easily controlled with a remote. The package also comes with a bike trainer, riser block, and a skewer to replicate real riding. If you want to get back out there that’s simple enough too.

When you’ve finished training you can simply unhook the bike with an easy lever clamp. You can even fold the stand easily for storage.


  • Great Magnetic Design - Feel the burn but do it quietly with the magnetic design
  • Noise-Reduction Wheel - You can listen to audio at a comfortable volume
  • Press-Down Lever Clamp - Easy release if you want to unhook your bike
  • Wide Base - Ideal for sturdy performance
  • Extras - The stand comes with a riser block, remote, and skewer


  • Not Silent - Despite the design, the stand isn’t totally quiet
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If you want a more advanced magnetic bike stand then there’s the CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer. It’s just a few notches up from the competition yet appears so minimal. The genius is in the durable design; a Pro Series frame from durable steel and high-quality plastic.

Power Curve Technology may sound complicated yet changing the resistance to four settings is effortless. Mimicking a gear change on the road with increased resistance as the magnets move away from the axis.

The ergonomic design of the handles is also ideal for pushing when you’ve stepped up the resistance. All that and it’s still easy to fold for storage. At 24.4 pounds this is also an investment in a bike that you can still move around. You’ll be simulating a World Championship course in no time.


  • Durable Design - High-quality plastic and steel make this a stand to last
  • Power Curve Technology - Helps riders find the correct level of resistance
  • Ergonomic Handles - Makes it easier to push on your workout when you need to
  • Collapsible Arms - These offer even more support as they get to obtuse angles


  • An Investment - For higher-end budgets, this may be ideal for a cyclist who prefers indoor training
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From flat roads to sand and climbing hills, the FDW Store Bike Trainer Stand has great value with five resistance settings. If you have an open space in the garage or cellar then this is an ideal bike stand. It’s also easy to assemble the carbon steel frame.

With only a few spare parts, it should be ready to go in fifteen minutes. A weight of 19.8 pounds is just about right if you want to pack it up and train elsewhere.

Store it in the corner of a room or the boot of a car, it’s one of the more compact designs available. Don’t believe you need to be somewhere away from others either, on the lowest setting the sound shouldn’t exceed 60 decibels.

That’s due to magnetic resistance which seems so simple when the assembly is very straightforward.


  • Five Resistance Settings - Great value for practical use
  • Carbon Steel Frame - High-quality which can support up to 300 pounds in weight
  • Quick Assembly - Should only take fifteen minutes to set up


  • Difficult Instructions - The pictures can be tricky to interpret yet the assembly remains simple
  • Lack of Technology - Without the technology, it’s difficult to stick to a training program or track your progress
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For a relatively modest price, the Dynamic SE Indoor Bike Trainer Stand offers a lot. There are six resistance levels to progress through. You can start on flat roads, advance to slopes then ease your way downhill. All with a bar-mounted remote for ease of use. Even at the higher resistance levels, the wide base will deliver a solid performance.

For uneven surfaces, there is a set of adjustable feet caps. Ideal if your surface is uneven as these will prevent your floor from scuffing and the stand from slipping. Stable, smooth, and silent.

A high-carbon steel structure means a sturdy stand that can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The stand is also designed with a quick-release axle in mind. After your ride, just fold up the frame then store it or transport it.


  • Six Resistance Levels - Go from downhill riding to flat roads, and slopes
  • Bar-Mounted Remote - Change the resistance from the bar with a remote
  • Adjustable Feet Caps - Each cap can be adjusted to fit an uneven surface to prevent slippage
  • Quick Release - Will fit a 26 - 28 inch or 700C wheel which can then be easily released


  • Slow To Shift Resistance Level - Changing gear can feel like the bike wants to stop
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Cyclists who simply must have the most realistic ride out there should look no further than the Garmin Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer. After a few sessions, you may simply decide that venturing outside simply isn’t the done thing anymore.

You wouldn’t be blamed. Few would hear your efforts as improved stillness and dynamic inertia means they won’t be disturbed. That comes from 32 Neodymium magnets which take care of the resistance, and the noise.

Wireless technology means that the stand is compatible with the expected range of operating systems and Bluetooth. That’s important as your performance will be monitored as if you were a professional rider so make it count.

Cadence and power can be tracked within 1% and pedal stroke analysis is included. Expect the same level of data analysis as you would outside, so you better get pedaling.


  • Dynamic Inertia - Few would even notice you were riding such is the smoothness of the ride
  • Performance Monitoring - Your cadence and power can be measured within 1%
  • Real-time Data - Pedal stroke analysis and the same level of data reporting you’d expect on a top-quality bike


  • Difficult To Move - No handle and an awkward folded design makes the stand difficult to transport
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Steel is considered the ideal material for a sturdy bike stand. However, a lot of stands come with plastic parts that can harm their stability and durability. For a totally steel construction, there’s the BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand. This is an effective design too as the stand can be folded away for storage.

There’s no compromise on the performance either which you’d hope for with eight resistance levels. The subtle changes in the resistance can be shifted via the handle mount which is handy.

Even a riser block has been thrown in for good measure. The only non-steel comes from rubber feet to prevent slipping. Unshakeable balance you can rely on and it’s even capable of supporting up to 330 pounds.


  • Eight Resistance Levels - Tailor your ride to how you like it and change the resistance from the handle mount
  • Sturdy Balance - A wholly steel construction is reliable and the stand can support a weight of up to 330 pounds
  • Riser Block Included - No need to shop around for a riser block as one is included


  • Steel Weight - With no plastic, the frame is relatively heavy yet comparably light to other models at 19 pounds
  • Comparably Noisy - May require a trainer tire if you want to reduce the noise
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For a bike stand that will do the job, go for a wide frame. This is a crucial feature to enhance stability when you’re riding. The Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Magnetic Stand comes with a wide 19.1-inch frame which is considerable.

Though wide, the stand is easy to put together with no tools necessary. Hi-ten steel also means that you can rely on the construction to last.

Another feature for stability is the riser block which is included. You may well need it when you consider the shifts in resistance. Rotating magnets on the rear wheel work to create a set resistance when you decide to shift gear. Simple yet effective and all without stepping outside.


  • Extra Wide Frame - A wider frame means more stable riding
  • Tool-Free Assembly - The stand is simple to assemble and no tools are required
  • Durable Steel - Made from hi-ten steel for long-lasting performance
  • Riser Block Included - Comes with a front wheel riser block for improved stability
  • Rotating Resistance Magnets - Shift the gears to create a set resistance with engaged magnets


  • Limited Resistance - Great for novices yet not ideal for professional cyclists who want to feel the burn
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For a ride that’s close to the road without having to be outside, there’s the Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Rock Smart 2. A patented frame actively mimics how a real road would move using fluid resistance. Intuitively, the resistance increases or decreases alongside wheel speed when you change gears.

That resistance goes up as far as 1400 watts at 35 mph which is a target worth setting. Ah yes, those targets. You can even use your regular training apps to hit your training schedule. The stand can connect with apps such as Zwift, Rouvy, Kinomap, TrainerRoad, Kinetic Fit, and FulGaz.

The flywheel is a realistic weight too at 6.2 pounds, just to enhance that sense of being on an outside ride. Got a smaller bike? No problem, with a small bike adapter the stand can even support 16-inch wheels.


  • Patented Frame - Designed to accurately mimic authentic road movement
  • Realistic Flywheel - At a weight of 6.2 pounds you will feel like you’re outside
  • Small Bike Compatibility - Can support wheels as small as 16 inches with a small wheel adapter


  • Possible Vibration - There may be an uncomfortable vibration and hum

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For the best support on your bike stand, you need a sturdy design. The unisky Bike Trainer Stand has worked that out with a wider than most 20.9-inch base. There are rubber feet to prevent slipping and the dual support shouldn’t budge.

No matter how hard you pedal. Move the bike into a social space and the noise reduction resistance wheel should allow for conversation.

All that support and it still weighs only 16.5 pounds. You can also alter the resistance to one of six different levels with a twist of the adjuster on the handlebar. There’s a lock design to secure your bike for even more support. After a ride, you can simply use the lever clamp for a quick release.


  • Sturdy Design - With a wide 20.9-inch base and rubber feet this is a stable and secure stand
  • Little Noise - Move the bike into the living room and the noise shouldn’t be distracting
  • Light Weight - Not as comparably heavy as other stands at 16.5 pounds


  • Difficult To Assemble - May require more than one person to assemble
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For a bike stand with options, there’s the Health Line Turbo Trainer. If you’re an intermediate cyclist who wants to advance to professional pre-training then this might be the stand.

Not only are there eight different resistance levels to try with an included gear shifter there are three colors. Match the design of your desired room with either red, black, or silver gloss.

Get a great workout and with a heat dissipation fan, you won’t worry about an overheating flywheel. The noise reduction wheel will also keep your training quiet. Pedal as hard as you like but it shouldn’t exceed 65 decibels.


  • Color Options - Choose from red, black, and silver gloss
  • Noise Reduction Wheel - For a quiet, smooth ride that won’t disturb the neighbors
  • Heat Dissipation Fan - Should prevent the flywheel from overheating
  • Heavy Weight Support - Should support a weight of up to 330 pounds
  • Extra Wide Support Bars - The rigid design is completed by larger than expected support bars


  • Bike Incompatibility - May require extra parts to be compatible with certain bikes

Buyers’ Guide

Bike exercise bikes can come at a cost. If the weather outside is frightful and you want to put your neglected bike to good use then a bike stand is ideal. Without putting a helmet on you can still achieve a great workout from the comfort of indoors.

There are also stands that have tech capabilities meaning you can stick to a training schedule. All without having to check the weather forecast and worrying about traffic. Before you decide which bike stand to get, there are several features you’ll want to consider.

Smart Stands

For the tech-savvy who want to track every feature of their cycling workout, there are smart bike stands to meet those needs. They can connect with the apps you already use and create relevant data based on your specific ride.

Smart stands are also great if you want to feel social while riding alone. Using a platform like Zwift brings in other riders and replicates the camaraderie of a group ride together.

Magnetic Stands

Using a magnetic flywheel, these stands adjust the resistance and create drag. Generally, these are a cheaper alternative to fluid bike stands while still mimicking a tough ride. Though there is a limit to how much resistance you can cycle against and an increase in noise, these are still ideal for novice cyclists.

Fluid Stands

For riders that are used to the feel of road cycling then shop around for a fluid stand. All the resistance of a challenging road without the need for a helmet.

The fluid actively affects how challenging your ride will be, as you pedal harder the fluid reacts and ups the resistance. One factor to consider is how leak-proof the stand is and later models have this sussed.


For cyclists who simply want to ride there are rollers. These don’t secure to your bike so you just ride on and try your very best not to fall off. Over time, rollers are ideal to improve your positioning. You’ll tell when you next ride outside as your balance will have gone up a notch.

VR Stands

For those with money to burn and an insistence on mimicking outdoor riding from indoors then there are virtual stands. That’s right, virtual reality for cycling. Of course, for such advanced technology, there is an advanced price to pay. This could also be a short-lived investment yet could be fun to transport you to other countries without having to take your bike.


A lot of bike stands come with resistance that’s built-in. This is great for mimicking various terrains and if you want to switch from flat to hilly. If you’re used to spinning classes you can also switch to peaks instantly.

There are also various levels of resistance. Some bikes offer subtle changes and can offer up to eight levels. However, you should really expect only around three to include flat roads, downhills, and climbs.

Upping the resistance shouldn’t generate heat as many stands are designed for efficient riding. This comes from tailored training tires which are of a specific material compound and tread pattern.

Both features are designed to maintain performance yet mitigate excessive noise. Reducing friction also means that the training tires last longer and it should reduce the expected noise.


Bike stands should be relatively easy to install. Several come with tool-free parts that you can assemble in a short space of time. Ideally, look out for foldable frames. If you’re going to get a bike stand you might as well get one where you can change the view. These can also be easily folded for storage so you can bring them out when and where you want.


For cyclists that are used to long rides but want to save on their tires, you’ll want a bike stand that you know will endure. Heavy-duty frames are preferably made out of stainless steel that should last. You should also look out for the quality of the resistance wheel. This will go a long way to defining how smooth and quiet your riding will be.


There are a few accessories that you should keep in mind for a more comfortable indoor ride. Though most bike stands come with stable frames, a training mat might still be a good thing to have. Not only will this add the balance but reduce the noise, protect your floor and collect sweat.

For bigger budgets, there is built-in technology to consider with several bike stands. If you simply wanted a standalone piece of kit, invest in a cycling computer. These are compatible with cycling apps and help track your speed, distance, and time.

Even though you won’t be stepping outside, it’s still a good idea to wear the right footwear. This means indoor cycling shoes to enhance your performance. The right shoes will work towards alleviating the stress in your lower body from a great cycling workout. Essential if you take your training seriously.

15 Best Stationary Bike Stand

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Stationary Bike Stands Worth The Investment?

If you live in a busy community there is the tempting option and security of cycling indoors. You may imagine that it’s difficult to maintain performance yet stationary bike stands are a great investment.

With resistance technology and specific levels of resistance to work towards they can provide progression with your cycling performance. Several bike stands are also compatible with cycling apps meaning you can stick to a training schedule.

What Should I Look Out For In A Stationary Bike Stand?

The potential resistance is one feature that stands out. For a bike stand to be worth its investment you need resistance to match your performance.

With that comes noise so noise reduction wheels are something to look out for. Also, durability should be a factor and stainless steel should be the preferred choice.

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