7 Best Exercise Bike with Screen: Peloton Alternatives for Indoor Exercise!

With more and more people ditching the gym or studio in favor of working out at home, the increase in popularity and demand for home workout equipment is no surprise.

Working out at home comes with many benefits such as no gym memberships fees and the opportunity to work out whenever you want without leaving the house.

Exercise bikes with a screen are right at the top of most people’s lists. This rise in popularity for at-home exercise bikes has seen a huge demand for the popular Peloton bike.

Peloton makes one of the best exercise bikes out there, offering their users the chance to experience live studio classes from the comfort of their own homes. They are however quite pricey and can be hard to get hold of.

Indoor Bike with screen

Even with a 20% price drop, the Peloton is still expensive and that’s without including the monthly subscription fee. This along with the longer delivery times can make it a nightmare to get hold of the bike. That’s where we come in.

We have put together a list of 7 awesome Peloton alternatives that still offer you an incredible experience. Some of the bikes in our list also include features the Peloton doesn’t, so if you’re looking for a great Peloton alternative you’re in the right place.

Let’s get right into the list!

7 Best Exercise Bike with Screen


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We kick this list off with an incredible choice. The Nordictrack is a beautifully designed exercise bike that caters to all your exercise needs. Firstly, this bike comes with a 15-inch HD screen.

From this screen, you can stream on-demand iFit workouts. iFit workouts don’t just focus on spinning classes. They also venture into walking, running, rowing, and even yoga amongst other things.

One advantage to buying the Nordictrack is that you get a whole year of iFit for free, saving you nearly $400.

Our favorite thing about the screen is the tracking stats it displays.

On the screen, you will see all the data the bike has collected in regards to your heart rate, power output from your workout, and the resistance level you are cycling at. Whilst on the topic of resistance, amazingly this bike comes with 24 resistance levels, giving you full control over your workout.

The Silent Magnetic resistance assures you of a personal, smooth, and silent ride every time.

When you purchase this bike two dumbbells, each with a weight of three pounds are included. These come in handy when you need to cross-train on your stationary ride.

As if that wasn’t enough this streamlined bike also has an auto breeze fan to keep you cool as you ride.

If you want a high-performance bike that comes with a huge array of neat features and looks fantastic then the Nordictrack could be the one for you.


  • Free subscription - With this exercise bike, you get a free 1-year subscription to iFit. This service would normally cost $365.
  • 24 resistance levels - The Nordictrack has a resistance range that translates to inclines from -10% to 30%.
  • Accommodates heavier weight - This bike is suitable for anybody up to 350 pounds in weight.
  • Range of workouts - Nordictrack comes with a huge range of different workouts.


  • No live classes - This bike only offers on-demand classes. This may actually suit less confident individuals.


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The Cyclace exercise bike is an excellent alternative to the Peloton bike if you are looking for a super affordable workout bike. This bike offers you a great way to work out at home in a safe and secure way.

The Cyclace features adjustable balancers so that the floor you are working out on is never a problem. This feature along with a thick triangular frame and 36-pound flywheel adds to the bike’s stability and durability.

This model of Cyclace bike was updated in 2020 to make the bike even better for working out from home. This bike comes with an LCD display screen that tracks time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

It also has an odometer that measures cycles. The handy tablet holder on this exercise bike gives you the chance to call, and receive calls whilst working out. The tablet holder can be found near the handlebars.

From your tablet or smartphone, you can also stream workouts from Peloton and other biking apps that you wish to use.

This is great because it gives you more freedom to choose the workouts you prefer, rather than being limited to a set program.

In regards to the design and comfort of this bike, Cyclace has done brilliantly. This model looks stylish, streamlined, and is most importantly comfortable to ride. The seat on this bike is 4-way adjustable and comes with a saddle cushion to ensure your ultimate comfort.

The handlebars are designed to provide multiple handling which again adds extra comfort to your ride. So much thought has been put into this bike that you don’t even need to worry about sweat. The metabolic PVC coating on the handlebars prevents sweat from interfering with your ride.


  • Fits all floor types - This bike is suitable for all floor types, guaranteeing stability.
  • Adjustability - The Cyclace bike has many adjustable features to ensure your comfort.
  • Metric tracking - You can track your workouts in detail on this bike.
  • Tablet holder - Gives you the chance to connect your device to the bike.


  • No workout apps - You will have to source your own workout apps with this bike.


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The Schwinn IC3 bike is a versatile machine that acts as an impressive Peloton alternative for a fraction of the price. If you like to take part in spinning classes this bike could be the best option for you.

The Schwinn comes with pedals that offer dual compatibility. On one side the pedals are compatible with Shimano Pedaling Dynamis (SPD) cleats. On the other side, the pedals are compatible with standard-sized cages and clips.

This fantastic feature allows you to vary the style of exercise you perform. The fact you can wear professional cycling shoes or regular sneakers on the bike is a nice touch.

With the media holder on the bike, you can put your phone, tablet, or iPad on the bike. This lets you stream your preferred workout routines or simply watch your favorite streaming services as you work out.

Schwinn does have a specific Schwinn Connect app if you wish to follow some of their workout programs.

In terms of data monitoring, this bike comes fitted with an LCD screen that displays your heart rate, speed, distance, time, and RPMs.

The metrics being monitored will help you improve your fitness and get a better idea of how hard the bike is working you. Once you have been worked on your bike and these metrics have risen, the useful bottle holder comes in handy to help you stay hydrated and recover.

The Schwinn IC3 is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and enjoyment as you ride. The handlebars and saddle are soft and adjustable to fit your needs and the 40-pound flywheel is absolutely silent.

Powered by a silent and smooth belt drive you won’t have to worry about disturbing the rest of the house.


  • Dual pedals - The dual compatibility pedals on this bike let you wear the sneaker or bike shoes that you are most comfortable in.
  • Ultimate comfort - You can ride long and hard on this bike and still stay comfortable thanks to the cushioned saddle and soft-to-touch handlebars.
  • Silent and smooth - The silent and smooth flywheel and belt won’t annoy you or your family.


  • Lubrication required - Some current users of the Schwinn IC3 have reported the need to lubricate under the seat and the pedal quite regularly.


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The Bowflex VeloCore is one of Peloton’s biggest competitors. Although this bike isn’t actually much cheaper, if at all depending on the model you buy, the bike comes with a number of interesting features that the Peloton bike doesn’t have.

In fact, some of the features the Bowflex VeloCore offers can’t be found in any other fitness bike.

The Bowflex VeloCore’s biggest unique selling point is its lean mode. When the bike is unlocked, it will sway from side to side to produce a more natural riding experience. This makes for more real-life workouts that can prepare you for your big rides on the road.

If you are an individual wanting to train for a serious bike race but can’t venture outside due to harsh winter conditions, this is the bike for you.

Those of you just wanting to get fit will also gain more from the workouts using lean mode because balancing requires you to engage your core.

This bigger bike can handle up to 325 pounds of weight and provides great comfort whilst you ride through the addition of a padded saddle and soft handlebars.

We love the size of the screen on this model of exercise bike. By connecting your smartphone, tablet, or iPad to this bike you can stream your favorite programs and monitor your typical exercise metric on the 22” HD touchscreen.

You can also connect your choice of workout app to the bike. The bike does not restrict you to one service. You may want to use Bowflex streaming content that allows you to cycle real-life routes from around the world and perform a variety of classes.

Alternatively, you might want to connect to Zwift or Peloton.


  • Lean mode - The lean mode feature on the Bowflex VeloCore creates a more immersive, realistic experience.
  • Compatible with other apps - You don’t have to stick to the Bowflex app. You can pick an app that suits your workout needs.
  • No need for a subscription - This bike can be used without a subscription.
  • Levels of resistance - Unbelievably this bike has 98 resistance levels which is quite frankly insane.


  • Expensive - This exercise bike is expensive when compared to other bikes on this list. However, it must be said you get what you pay for.
  • No live classes - The Bowflex app provides no free classes. Luckily you can choose any app provider.


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If it’s a well-designed, slim exercise bike you are after then this bike could be a good option. Though this smartly designed bike looks small it performs incredibly well.

The Echelon Connect EX-5 doesn’t come with a screen but instead has an adjustable mount on the handlebars for you to connect to. This mount rotates 180 degrees so you can attach your mobile or tablet effortlessly.

Using Bluetooth to connect to your device you can see your workout metric and statistics. If you combine this with a subscription to FitPass you can incorporate both live and on-demand streaming workouts into your sessions.

Echelon’s FitPass also comes with a cool leaderboard feature so you can compete against your friends. This added feature might be that incentive you need to work out more and harder to be the best.

Despite not having the fully integrated system other bikes have in a built-in screen, this bike certainly packs a punch.

One thing we love about the Echelon Connect EX-5 is how it was designed to be used for other exercises too. The handlebars on the bike rotate 180 degrees, as does the screen holder. This allows you to take part in off-bike exercise and workouts, making the bike a more versatile piece of home gym equipment.

Other design features built-in to this bike include an adjustable seat and handlebars, an extra cushioned saddle, 32 levels of resistance, a silent flywheel, and the ability to stream music through the bike. Overall, the Echelon Connect EX-5 is an impressive bike packed with features.


  • Less expensive - This bike doesn’t cost as much as a Peloton bike but still comes with most features.
  • Moveable tablet mount - The moveable mount lets you try off-bike workouts too.
  • Design - This bike is designed to fit well in your property without taking up too much room or looking out of place.


  • Screen not included - You will have to provide the screen if you want to track any data.
  • Subscription required - You have to have a subscription for all metrics the Echelon Connect tracks.


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For the most budget-friendly, yet highly effective exercise bike, the Sunny Health and Fitness bike takes the crown.

This ridiculously cheap bike’s features are really impressive. When you take a look at the design of this bike the first thing you will notice is that the seating is designed with ease of use and total comfort in mind.

The padded saddle prevents any discomfort whilst riding and the 4-way adjustment allows you to set the bike up to fit your needs. On top of that your stability on the bike is improved thanks to a seat inseam that measures between 26 and 32 inches.

One feature you will enjoy with this bike is the ability to change resistance at will. Using a twist knob you have the freedom to increase or decrease resistance to any level you desire.

When it comes to the feature we are all here for the Sunny Health bike is great. The bike is equipped with an LCD screen to track your fitness progress. The bike tracks distance covered, speed, time, calories burned, and how much of your workout you have completed.

The Sunny Health bike gives you the opportunity to stream from an app via your smart tv or laptop. Via your tv or laptop, you can stream the Peloton app or other services you prefer.

Once you have set up the app and started working out you can rest assured that the bike will let you unlock your full potential. The lightweight flywheel weighing 22 pounds, offers high levels of resistance and inertia to give you full control over every workout. The durable chain drive also ensures a sturdy, smooth ride.

Anybody can use this bike thanks to the adjustable settings, so if you have a larger family of bike lovers why not consider buying the Sunny Health bike.


  • Extremely cheap - This bike is wonderfully cheap compared to almost every other model of exercise bike.
  • Flexibility for other riders - This bike can be adjusted for anyone in your household.
  • Comfort - This bike was designed with the rider’s comfort in mind.
  • External applications - The opportunity to use external services lets you use the exercise services you prefer.


  • Weight limits - This bike doesn’t hold as much weight as other exercise bikes on this list.


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The DMASUN bike is another great bike for the whole family. With adjustable pedals, toe clips, handlebars, and saddle every member of your family can set the bike to suit them.

It even comes with some child-friendly features to ensure your children will be safe around the bike. This elegant indoor exercise bike will fit into your home wonderfully. Its attractive design and slim, lightweight appearance won’t take up too much space and will blend in nicely.

The DMASUN bike comes with an LCD display. This display acts as a digital monitor that shows real-time cycling data, focusing on speed, calories burned, pulse, distance covered, and the length of your workout.

If that’s not enough the handlebar features a pulse handle that carries an exercise monitor.

To perform specific workouts you will have to use an app from an external source. Like the other bike’s on this list, this could be Zwift or Peloton. When you have selected the app you wish to use, you can easily stream the workout from the LCD display.

The screen is of a decent size so don’t need to worry about not being able to see your session.

Despite its small size, this bike is actually quite heavy-duty. Made with high-quality heavy steel and strong flywheel the DMASUN is super sturdy and durable but is still easy to move around thanks to its transport wheels.

Thanks to its strength and durability, anybody up to 300 pounds can ride the bike.

The DMASUN is the perfect bike for amateurs or expert level riders with a range of resistance settings to make your ride tougher depending on your level.

Your family will love this bike so definitely consider it as one of your options.


  • Perfect family bike - The range of features and adjustability of the bike makes it perfect for larger families.
  • Comfortable seat cushion - The DMASUN comes with an extra padded cushion for extra comfort.
  • Multiple handlebars - This bike comes with extra handlebars to suit different types of exercise.
  • Great LCD screen - The LCD screen on this bike displays all the information you need.


  • Doesn’t feature any classes - You will have to use an external app to find specific workouts.


As you can see from our list there are a huge variety of exercise bikes on the market that offer the same if not more features as a Peloton bike. We barely scratched the surface with our list. You could quite easily put together a list of bikes with over 100 bikes in it.

The bikes in this list all have screen capabilities that allow you to track all of your exercise data, take part in live or on-demand sessions and even watch your favorite shows as you work out.

Owning an indoor exercise bike that has features built-in to allow you to track data and take part in sessions is a great addition to your home. With an exercise bike, you can quickly do a workout whenever you want.

You might want to do a 5-minute ride or you might feel like doing a 5-hour ride. Either way, it doesn’t really matter because by having the bike there you can do it whenever you want when you want.

The best exercise bikes are always packed with features and designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Finding a bike with a cushioned seat and soft handlebars can ensure your comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a bike to train hard on or one the whole family can use to keep fit, there is an alternative exercise bike to Peloton out there for you. Now with this list, it is up to you to continue our research.

Narrow down the list so that you can pick the best bike for you, before making a final decision you can be happy with.

Indoor Bike

Buyers Guide

If you find yourself still needing that little bit of extra help when trying to find the best exercise bike for you, then this buyer’s guide might be able to help you. This buyer’s guide is full of key things you should consider when buying the best stationary bike with a screen.

After reading this guide you should have a clearer idea of what to look for. This will then help you make a better decision that you won’t regret further down the line.


The cost of the bike you are buying is one of the most important things to look out for when buying an exercise bike. You need to find a bike that fits your budget limits. If you only have a budget of $500 then you clearly don’t want to be looking to buy a bike worth $1000.

Exercise bikes vary massively in price depending on the brand of bike and the features it comes with. The general rule of thumb is the more you spend on a bike the more features and perks it will come with.

If you want to buy the best bike available on the market you might have to be willing to pay more.

The bikes in our list vary in price with some being really cheap and others being a lot more expensive. If you want an affordable bike that still comes with lots of features, you should take a look at the Sunny Health bike.

If you want a more professional bike with every feature you will pay more. If you can afford to pay more take a look at the Bowflex VeloCare bike.


You need to make sure you are buying a bike that is comfy to ride. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and sore after your workout. A comfortable exercise bike will have a cushioned seat and soft handlebars that can also be adjusted to fit the size of an individual.

If you don’t purchase a bike that can be customized to meet your needs you will have a very unforgiving experience.

When buying your bike check the specifications to make sure the bike has a padded seat and good grip on the handlebars. A really good bike will also give you the opportunity to add extra comfort if you need it.

Weight Limits

Indoor exercise bikes have weight limits that need to be considered. Most bikes have a weight limit of 300 pounds so most people don’t need to worry.

However, it is always worth considering who will be using the bike just in case the bike can’t hold their weight.


Classes offered by an exercise bike vary from bike to bike. Some bikes offer no services at all, some offer services from providers of your choosing, and others only allow you access to one program. You need to bear this in mind when you buy your bike.

If you already have a service you like to use then you need to make sure the bike you are purchasing allows you to access it through the bike. If you aren’t sure what service you want to access then you need to do some research so you know what to look for.

Peloton offers live and on-demand sessions whilst most bikes only provide on-demand workout routines.

In our opinion, we like the bikes that let you choose from a range of applications. This would be what we recommend because it gives you as a user more reign over what workouts you want to do and when you want to do them.

Without this option, you could get bored of the one service on offer which would result in a loss of motivation.


The exercise bike you choose needs to be convenient to you and the people using it. An example of this would be a bike that features adjustable toe clips to allow multiple users.

This makes the bike convenient for you and your family because you can all use the bike and you don’t need to use cycling shoes.

A bike that offers a cushioned seat is also of convenience to you because it is a lot more comfortable than a seat that is hard and uncomfortable. Considering how convenient the bike will be for you will help you massively when finding the right bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Riding An Exercise Bike As Good As Outdoor Cycling?

An exercise bike can actually be better than riding a standard bike.

This is down to the fact you can do it at any time of day with no hindrance. There are no weather restrictions, busy roads full of traffic and it doesn’t matter if it is the middle of the night, you can exercise effectively and not be interrupted. 

Another big advantage to using an exercise bike is the ability to easily follow a workout program whilst riding. This can help develop your ability as you ride which would be very difficult on the road.

How Long Should I Work Out For?

The average workout session most exercise bike apps offer is approximately 60-minutes. There are plenty of sessions that last 30-minutes too. When deciding how long to work out for it mainly comes down to how you feel and what you can already do.

If you’ve had a long hard day you might just want to do a quick 30-minute ride. On the other hand, if you haven’t done too much on a particular day you might want to do a longer session where you do more workouts.

Are Exercise Bikes Good For Belly Fat?

Cycling on an exercise bike can help you lose belly fat. Research has shown that over time regular cycling will enhance overall fat loss and promote a healthy weight. To reduce your overall belly girth, moderate-intensity exercise on your bike will be effective.

You will have to be patient though because it will take time, positive changes don’t happen overnight.

Andrew Daniels