Best Bike Chain Lock | 15 of The Strongest Chains Reviewed

Cycling is an entertaining sport adored by millions. It helps us stay healthy and get from A to B. Whether you ride your bike commuting to work or take the sport seriously it can be an expensive hobby.

So much so we take great care ensuring our bikes stay safe whilst we aren’t using them. To do this most of us lock our bikes up using strong and effective bike chain lock.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a strong enough chain or in fact don’t own one at all, you could become a victim of bike theft. Unbelievably studies show that 1 in 5 bikes in the US are stolen.

This quite shocking statistic paints a pretty bad picture and shows there’s a real problem. There’s no worse feeling than going to get your bike before realizing it’s gone. After putting so much into your bike you’re left with no bike and heavily out of pocket.

Luckily for you, we have the solution. We’ve put together a list of the strongest chains on the market. Each chain on the list gives you the best chance of keeping your bike secure.

In the article, we look at the different types of bike chains available, the best ones to buy, and what they offer. At the end of this article, we have also included a useful buyers guide and answer some frequently asked questions.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the article.

9mm bike locks

Why You Should Buy A Bike Chain Lock

Obviously, you buy any form of security to keep your bike safe but why should you choose a bike chain. There is a wide range of different tools and locks to choose from that keep your bike safe but a bike chain has a number of features that make them a great option.

Firstly the material strong bike chains are made out of makes them durable and resistant to a lot of damage from thieves trying to get them off your bike. They can’t be bottled jacked or leveraged open.

They are also more difficult to cut with power tools. Chain locks are made up of a series of hardened steel links that are usually held inside a sturdy protective nylon sleeve. The lock is then integrated into the chain or can feature a separate padlock to keep it in place.

Secondly, the length and flexibility of a chain lock mean you can secure your bike to a wider range of objects which you can’t do with other locks such as a ground anchor lock. Another great advantage to using a chain lock is how easily it can be carried around.

You can throw a chain lock in your bag and then go for your ride. When you then arrive at your destination you can take the lock out of your bag and chain it up. Other locks like the annoying u-lock frame mounts are a pain to move around and can really hinder your cycling.

Types of Bike Chain Lock

In this article, we will be looking at two types of chain locks. These are portable chains and stationary chains. If you are looking for a larger chain that can be kept at home you will want to buy a stationary chain.

If you want a lock that offers a mix of security and practicality you will want to look at the portable chains. Below is some information about what the difference is between both types of chains.

Portable Chain Locks

Portable chains are locks that can be used on the go. These types of locks are suitable for keeping in your rucksack as your ride or can even be carried over your shoulder. Some chain locks like the Hiplok Gold can even be worn like a belt around your waist.

It is worth noting that some portable bike chain locks don’t offer the same level of security as a stationary lock does. This is down to the fact they are normally smaller in size, have thinner chain links to make them lighter to carry, and increase the portability of the lock.

Stationary Chain Locks

Stationary chain locks tend to offer higher levels of security than most portable chains. This is thanks to their bigger, thicker chain links. It would be very difficult to ride with a stationary lock in your rucksack because they are usually very heavy. This is why these locks stay stationary in one place.

You would usually keep a stationary lock in a location where you frequently need to lock your bike up. This could be at home or your place of work. Most people decide to use this chunky chain lock at home because that is where they secure the bike overnight.

Keeping your stationary bike lock at your workplace is a good option because you tend to leave your bike in a place that is accessible to anybody else in or around the building you work in.

By choosing to use a stationary bike chain, you won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy chain whilst commuting. On top of that, you will have a more secure chain for your bike.

How to Choose The Best Chain Lock for You

From what you have read you probably already have a good idea about what sort of bike lock is the best for you. The difference between the two is pretty clear. You’ll use a portable bike lock every day, transporting it with you as you ride your bike.

With a stationary bike lock, you will leave it in one place ready to be used when you and your bike arrive. If you use your bike a lot for commuting to and from work daily but also ride to other locations throughout the day then a portable chain lock might be the best option for you.

This makes it easier for you to lock the bike up wherever you go. On the other hand, if you only ride your bike to one location a day it makes sense to buy a stationary bike lock that you don’t need to carry around with you.

This way you can secure your bike with a stronger lock and enjoy an easier ride.

Factors That Affect The Security of A Bike Chain Lock

Finally, before we get into the list of the strongest bike chains on the market we want to give you some information about what affects a chain lock's security.

It is important you know what factors affect a lock’s security so that you can pick the most effective lock for you.

The chain locks in our list vary from the materials used to make them and the locking mechanism used. Knowing how each one can affect the performance of the chain will help you pick the best lock for you.

Best Bike Locks

Locking Device

The chains in our list use a number of excellent locking mechanisms. Some chains use integrated locks. These integrated chains have the locks directly attached to the chain links. This can be handy as the lock doesn’t weigh as much as a heavy disc, however, this lock doesn’t offer the same level of security.

The Kryptonite New York Disc Lock is one of the strongest disc locks out there. It is utilized by a number of the chains in our list. The majority of the chains that use this disc-style lock receive better Sold Secure ratings.

A Sold Secure Gold rating is the aim for chain locks. A lot of the chains on our list have this rating.

Padlock-style locks are also used in bike security. Padlock-style locks feature a solid metal shackle that is looped through the chain and slots into the padlock-locking holes. These locks also offer higher levels of security for your bike.

Having said that you must use a high-quality padlock that is specifically designed to keep your bike secure. A standard padlock used around the house will not provide your bike with enough security.

Padlocks that are designed specifically for use on a bike tend to have a metal coating on the shackle so that the lock isn’t left exposed to bolt cutters.


It doesn’t matter how big or how thick a bike chain lock is. If it isn’t made out of the best materials it will still be vulnerable to theft. You should always pay attention to the materials used when picking the best lock for your bike. Most of the best chain locks use hardened steel. Steel is a super-strong, durable material that is very hard to cut through.

Chain Link Size

The general rule of thumb when looking to buy a chain lock is the thicker the shackle, the stronger the bike lock is. This doesn’t necessarily mean thinner chains don’t work, it just suggests that for the best security a thicker chain could be a better option.

Having said that most chains use thinner links to make the chain more affordable and easy to use. A lot of portable chains use thinner chains because they weigh less and are easy to store in your rucksack.

The list of chains in our article are all 9mm thick or thicker. This is because if the links were any thinner than this they could easily be cut by a pair of bolt cutters. The thicker the chain is the less chance of it being cut by a bolt cutter.

Bolt cutters are the most common instrument used by bike thieves so you definitely need a lock that can handle them. If you’re concerned about your bike’s security it will be worth looking at a chain that has thicker links. Below are how chains tend to fair when up against bolt cutters.

  • 9-12mm - These links can be cut with a medium-sized bolt cutter, the metal used in the production of the chain will impact how easily the chain is to cut.
  • 13-15mm - These bicycle chains can only be cut with the largest bolt cutters but they still provide massive resistance and will more often than not come out on top.
  • 16mm+ - Chains that are 16mm or thicker can’t be cut with bolt cutters. These locks provide the highest level of security for your bike.

The Best Bike Chain Locks

Now we have a greater understanding of what chain locks are on offer and what to look out for, we can get onto our list. The best chain lock for you will depend on your needs and requirements but one thing you can rest assured knowing is that every lock on this list will offer your bike high-quality security.

To make things easier for you we have written about each lock in order of thickness so that you can identify the lock you want quicker.

It is also worth noting that most of the locks on this list have great Sold Secure ratings. Bike chains with the highest Sold Secure ratings are the best of the best.

They guarantee the highest level of security and protection for your bike. As well as looking at these scores we have taken a look at their practicality and security.

Here are the 15 best, strongest bike chain locks!


Kryptonite Chain Lock

The Kryptonite Messenger Chain and Moly Lock kicks off our list. These chain links are 9.5mm thick giving you a good level of security. Achieving a Sold Secure Silver rating we can see that this lock won’t be the strongest on this list but that is expected of a thinner chain.

The messenger chain gives you plenty of opportunities when it comes to locking your bike up. With this chain being 40 inches long you have plenty of length for those times when you have to lock your bike up in awkward situations.

When we reviewed this lock we found this to be very useful because we didn’t have to waste any time trying to find an easy place to lock our bike up.

The length of the chain allowed us to easily lock the bike up in any location we felt suitable. You can easily secure both your front wheels and the bike’s frame at the same time.

The links on this chain are made from manganese steel. This helps the lock resist damage and take high impact. The one slight downside of this chain is its weight. Weighing 6lbs this chain is quite heavy for a 9.5mm thick chain. This makes it a little more difficult to carry around with you as you cycle.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this lock's moly padlock includes a double deadbolt which provides even more security against twist attacks.


  • Length - The length of this chain makes it easy to lock your bike in tricky places.
  • Materials - This chain is made from manganese steel which is one of the strongest materials available.
  • Double deadbolt - This feature adds extra security to the lock


  • Weight - The Kryptonite chain weighs 6lbs. This is quite heavy for a portable bike chain.


[amazon fields=”B001U885N0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The ABUS City chain lock is one of the best 9mm bike locks you can buy. Unlike the Kryptonite chain lock above, this lock achieved a Sold Secure Gold rating, giving it more security and strength over the other lock.

This lock comes in 4 different lengths giving you more opportunities to find the lock that suits your needs. These lengths are 33 inches, 43 inches, 55 inches, and 66 inches. The ABUS chain weighs 4lbs.

Whilst testing this chain we found that the weight and length made it a good choice for anybody looking for a portable bike. Its lightweight feel doesn’t hinder your cycling as a heavier chain would.

Despite its lightweight feel compared to other chains, this lock still packs a punch. Made from a strong sleeve fabric and specially hardened steel this chain is strong and durable.

The hardened steel forms a strong protective chain and the fabric sleeve prevents the lock from scratching your bike as well as adding more protection.


  • Portability - This bike chain can easily be moved around without impacting your cycling performance or comfort.
  • Variety of size - The range of lengths available gives you the chance to pick a chain that fits your bike better.
  • Gold rating - The gold rating shows this bike is one of the most secure and strong locks.
  • Thin - This chain lock isn’t as thick as other chains which could offer more security.


  • Thin - This chain lock isn’t as thick as other chains which could offer more security.


[amazon fields=”B006QN0O1K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Kryptolok bicycle chain weighs 2lbs making it the lightest 9mm chain on our list. We found this chain to be the most suitable lock to store in your rucksack. Like the Kryptonite Messenger chain, the links of this chain are made from manganese steel.

One feature we love about this chain is its Kryptonite’s End Link design which eliminates the vulnerability of a padlock and secures the chain with the hardened deadbolt.

This chain also comes in three different sizes, again giving you more control over the lock that suits you better. The chain comes in 21 inches, 37 inches, and 47 inches.

This variety of lengths also gives you the chance to lock up multiple bikes at the same time. This could be perfect for those rides you do with your partner or child.

Like the ABUS City chain, this lock was also given a Sold Secure Gold rating. Although this lock is the most portable out of the other 9mm chains, it must be noted that considering the smallest length is 11 inches smaller than the ABUS chain.

The ABUS chain is only a fraction heavier. This shows that despite its portability considering its size it isn’t actually that light.


  • Portable - The size of this chain makes it the most portable 9mm chain on this list.
  • Deadbolt security feature - The deadbolt security feature adds extra protection to this lock, making it more difficult for thieves to break.
  • Strong disc-style cylinder - The strong disc-style cylinder makes the lock pick and drill resistant.


  • Weight - For its length, this lock actually weighs quite a lot.


[amazon fields=”B00PDHHLK2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The first 10mm bike chain lock on our list is the awesome Hiplok Gold lock. This is the first lock on our list that is designed to be worn whilst you cycle. The chain lock has an integrated belt system so that the Hiplok Gold can be worn around the waist.

When we tested this feature, we found that it provided a comfortable and practical way to carry the chain as you ride.

This cool feature along with the chain's Sold Secure Gold rating makes it an excellent choice for anybody looking for a great chain lock.

The Hiplok is 33 inches in length and comes with an adjustable strap to help it fit most waists.

The perks of this chain lock don’t stop there. This lock is made from hardened steel and features a 12mm padlock shackle which provides protection against bolt cutters.

Upon purchase of this lock, you will receive 3 coded replacement keys and a lifetime warranty. Finally weighing 5lbs this 10mm chain is also pretty light considering its size.

For us, the Hiplok Gold is the best 10mm bike chain lock on the market so if you’re looking for a reliable chain that you can easily take with you, consider this chain as an option.


  • Convenient portability - This chain lock is arguably the easiest chain to take with you as you ride.
  • Materials - The hardened steel reduces the chance of a thief damaging the lock.
  • Strong padlock shackle - The padlock shackle gives extra protection against bolt cutters.


  • Price - This lock is amazing but it does come with a price.


Kryptonite Series

The Kryptonite Series 4 1090 integrated chain is another excellent option if you’re looking for a strong chain that will protect your bike and can be easily carried as you ride.

This bike chain is similar to the series 2 mini Kryptonite chain lock we spoke about earlier. The main difference this lock offers is a higher level of security.

The 10mm lock uses Kryptonite’s patented Oval Crossbar Lock Head along with their patent-pending End Link Design. These two features provide a strong, secure lock. Each 10mm thick link on this chain is again made from manganese steel to increase the strength of the lock.

The durable nylon sleeve covers the chain to add extra protection to the lock and to prevent harsh weather conditions from corroding the chain.

You can purchase this chain in three lengths depending on your requirements. This chain comes in 22 inches, 35 inches, and 62 inches. When reviewing this model of a chain lock, we found that the shorter 22-inch chain doesn’t offer a huge amount of locking space.

The bigger chain made it easier to secure more parts of the bike. We found that the 62-inch chain allowed us to lock up multiple bikes at once. This length of chain was heavy to carry though, weighing 6lbs.

Sold Secure gave the series 4 a gold security rating.


  • Sliding dust cover - The dust cover prevents dirt and debris from entering the keyhole.
  • Easily portable - The size of this chain makes it easy to take around with you.
  • Gold rating - This chain is up there with the best of the best when it comes to securing your bike.


  • Weight of the 62-inch chain - The 62-inch chain is quite heavy to carry in your rucksack.


[amazon fields=”B000OYFQZ6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This Sold Secure Gold-rated bike comes in four different lengths. You can purchase the chain in 33 inches, 43 inches, 55 inches, and 66 inches. In our opinion after reviewing the different lengths of these chains, they all offer excellent security for your bike, offering you top-quality protection.

The power cell technology built-in to this chain lock provides protection against heavy impacts and attempts to break the lock. This will give you peace of mind that your bike is safe even when you’re in a high-risk area.

The durable locking cylinder on the ABUS Granit lock also offers ultimate protection against picking. These added features just increase the overall security this bike chain provides. With the shortest chain of AUBUS Granit only weighing 4.62lbs, it makes it the lightest 10mm bike chain on our list.

Despite this lock being the most lightweight 10mm chain, in our opinion, the Hiplok Gold is a better option for practicality and portability. With this chain, you still have to store it away whereas the Hiplok chain can be used as a belt.

If you’re looking for the strongest portable bike chain this could be your best option. It comes with an array of useful security features that make it one of the best at keeping your bike safe at all times.


  • High-quality security features - This lock is hard to get into and difficult to break.
  • Lightweight - This lock is easy to carry.
  • Variety of sizes - The variety of sizes gives you more choice of chain.


  • Price - This is another expensive chain so if you don’t have an expensive bike it might not be worth buying this lock.


[amazon fields=”B001SMSUNI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 is a hugely popular bike chain and for good reason.

Each 12mm chain link in this lock has been made from Kryptonite’s 3t hardened manganese steel which as we spoke about previously in this article can resist repeated impact and abrasion without being damaged.

This chain only weighs 7lbs making it one of the most lightweight 12mm chains available. This lightweight design allows you to still use the chain as a portable lock rather than just having to keep it in one location.

We found that the chain was quite heavy but could still be carried around in a rucksack without too much trouble.

You can purchase the Noose 1275 chain in four different lengths ranging from 30 inches to 66 inches. The length of this chain makes it easy to lock up your bike to awkward objects, ensuring your bike is safe no matter where you are.

This gold-rated chain is a very good option. Using the circular link you can thread the chain back through itself to form a noose. This noose can then be wrapped around an immovable object to keep your bike secure.

This feature can come in useful when you need to extend the useable length of the lock. This comes in useful when you are in a busy location with few places to lock up your bike. To ensure ultimate performance the lock is fitted with an Evolution Series 4 disc lock.


  • Works well in small spaces - When you are struggling to find a space this bike lock will help you out.
  • Portable - This lock is still easily portable despite its size.
  • Strong lock - The chain is fitted with a sturdy Evolution Series 4 lock.


  • Lock issues - Some users of this lock have reported issues with the keyhole on this lock.



In the 12mm category, the Oxford Monster chain lock and padlock is easily one of the best. Available in 47” and 60” this chain is more suited as a stationary chain. This chain isn’t designed to be carried around so if you’re looking for a portable chain this isn’t the best option for you.

Instead, this chain lock is great for anybody looking for a chain they can keep at work or use in a garage/bike shed.

The Oxford Monster chain is made from an impressive material. It is produced from NiCr-Mo-alloy steel. NiCr-Mo has incredible anti-corrosion features which means this chain can resist corrosion and rust from moisture and debris.

This neat feature ensures the bike lock stays in good condition and has long-lasting performance. You wouldn’t get this with cheaper locks.

We were impressed with the lock on this chain. The Monster comes with a 16mm thick padlock, protected by a strong boron steel casing. The double-locking feature on the padlock also gives this lock extra strength and resistance to attacks.

Just to give this chain an extra edge above other locks, it also achieved a gold Sold Secure rating.


  • Great stationary chain lock - This chain is a great option for anybody wanting to chain their bike up at home.
  • Strong padlock - The padlock on this chain is very hard to break into or cut.
  • NiCr-Mo-alloy - This helps the chain maintain its performance.


  • Not portable - This chain lock weighs 8lbs. This is too much to move around easily.


[amazon fields=”B016186HGA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If it’s a chain lock specifically designed for use at home your after then the Hiplok Homie is a good choice. As you can probably already tell from its name, the Hiplok Homie is designed perfectly with home use in mind.

With a Sold Secure Gold rating this chain offers you a high level of security for your bike. With a 59 inch chain, this lock is hung up on a wall before being connected to your bike.

This comes in handy because you don’t need to take up unnecessary space or find something to tie the lock to. The lock is hung up via the built-in wall hook which helps to provide the convenient storage of your bike and lock.

Made from alloy steel and covered with an impact-resistant and durable plastic sleeve this lock won’t only protect your bike it will also ensure the lock doesn’t scratch your frame.

When we tested this chain we found that you can lock multiple bikes with no problems at all. This also makes it a good choice with small families who all have bikes.

As far as the 12mm bike locks go we think this lock performs brilliantly, however, we would probably recommend the Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 if you are looking for the best 12mm bike chain lock.


  • Hang up hook - This lock can be attached to your wall. This eradicates the need for you to always find something to chain your bike up to.
  • Perfect for home use - The Hiplok Homie is a great option for those looking for an at-home bike lock.
  • Price - This lock is a great price when compared to similar locks on the market.


  • Chunky - If you want a smaller chain this isn’t the one for you. Bear in mind though that chunkier chains are usually stronger.


[amazon fields=”B001JPS200″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

It would be rude of us not to put another Kryptonite bike chain on our list. After all, they do produce some of the best bike chains around. This hefty chain weighs nearly 11lbs.

It makes use of 14mm hexagonal 3t hardened steel chain links that challenge any type of bolt cutters. When tested there were no bolt cutters strong enough to cut through this chain.

Available in 39” and 59” the lock is more than capable of being able to secure most components of your bike or even multiple bikes. This durable bike chain comes with Kryptonite’s highest level of disc locks.

These are the New York disc locks. As well as featuring the disc locks the Fahgettaboudit chain comes complete with a double deadbolt system which takes all the force from hydraulic attacks with ease.

As if that wasn’t enough this bike also comes with some other neat features. The shackle on this disc lock is 15mm thick and is made from strong Max-Performance steel.

There is even a sliding dust cover to protect the inner locking mechanism from debris and dust. Finally, the inner cylinder is protected by anti-pull and anti-drill measures.

It’s not hard to see why this bike got a gold rating. It is a beast of a bike chain.


  • Security features - This bike chain has an enormous amount of security features to prevent the theft of your bike.
  • Length - The length of the Fahgettaboudit makes it easy to lock up your bike.
  • Durable - The lock is made out of strong steel to ensure long-lasting performance.


  • Heavy - This chain weighs 11lbs.


[amazon fields=”B07M8594J3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Like the Kryptonite 14mm chain lock, this bike chain also offers you strong security for your bike. This stationary lock weighs a whopping 12lbs so you definitely won’t be taking it out and about whilst you cycle. Keep this bike in your garage or at your workplace ready for use.

The fact this bike received a gold rating for motorcycles, as well as bicycles, shows just how strong and reliable the lock is. If you can protect a motorbike with it, you can definitely secure your bicycle. The lock offers high protection against theft thanks to its quality steel design with a double deadbolt locking system.

The disc lock in this chain is similar to the successful New York disc lock. We were pleased with the length of this product when we carried out our review. The 40-inch lock can easily be used to lock your bike’s main components to further reduce the chance of theft.

One thing we did notice was its weight. This chain looks and feels heavy. This isn’t too much of a problem because you wouldn’t take it with you anyway but it is good to know.

Overall this lock makes good use of premium materials such as stainless steel to produce a strong, reliable lock.


[amazon fields=”B07W44Y5H9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This monster bike chain is 14.5mm thick and weighs a whopping 14.7lbs. Luckily the weight won’t be a nuisance because the chain will be staying stationary.

The New York Legend chain is made up of 3t hardened steel links to produce arguably the toughest and strongest 14mm bike chain out there.

The chain is substantially heavier than the other chains in this category but it makes up for its weight in its high-level of performance. The chain is 60 inches long which again like other types of chains on this list allows you to secure multiple bikes in your garage.

As well as providing top security for your bike the protective nylon sleeve the chain comes wrapped in keeps your bike free from scratches whilst protecting the chain from the elements.

When we reviewed this chain we were thrilled with the overall performance it offers. The chain eats up bolt cutter attacks, more often than not damaging the bolt cutters.

If you want a super-secure bike chain lock that any potential thief will really struggle to get into then this lock is an excellent option to consider.


  • Monster chain - This chain is an absolute beast that will protect your bike perfectly.
  • Protective sleeve - The protective sleeve will prevent the chain from damaging your bike.
  • Bolt Cutter proof - Bolt Cutters will not be able to get through this chain.


  • Weight - This bike chain isn’t for the weak, it weighs 14lbs so some people may find it quite hard to lift.


[amazon fields=”B0090C4M3U” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

You can probably tell from its name what this bike chain is all about. The Onguard Beast chain gives you peace of mind that wherever you leave your bike it will be safe. The chain on this lock is made from titanium, giving the chain a solid feel and a high level of performance.

With a chain measuring 43” you can comfortably lock your bike up in tricky places. Though this lock was designed as a stationary chain you could quite easily use it as a portable bike chain.

Unlike other chain locks on this list, the Onguard chain has a double rubber coating around the lock body to add another layer of protection to the lock. This chain also has a Z-cylinder including BumBlok which again makes it more difficult for people to break your lock.

We like the curved design of this chain and found that the lack of leverage points makes it a lot harder for thieves to get, especially those who are using crowbars. If you want the best of stationery and portable bike chains then this Onguard model might be quite high up on your list of potential chains.


  • Uses two strong materials - This chain is made using steel and titanium to create an even stronger chain.
  • Rubber-coated lock body - This gives the lock an extra layer of protection.
  • Warranty included - If for any reason your lock doesn’t work you can get a full refund.


  • One length - A longer chain would make it easier for you to lock up more than one bike.


Kryptonite Yellow

Kryptonite is the only company that offers a readily available bike lock with a chain of 15mm.

We probably don’t need to tell you this but obviously, the New York Legend bike chain is a stationary chain that shouldn’t be carried around. Surprisingly it does only weigh 9lbs which is less than other chains on this list. It is arguably one of the best bike chain locks on our list thanks to its size and security.

Made from 3t hardened steel and covered by a thick nylon cover, thieves would have a real job trying to get into this lock. A thief’s bolt cutters would have to be pretty spectacular to get into this beast of a lock.

The awesome padlock on this chain has a hardened double deadbolt locking system that protects its shackle and brushes off any twist attacks.

You can buy this chain in 35 inches in length. We found this comfortably allows you to chain up the key parts of your bike. You could potentially lock up two smaller bikes with this chain but it would be a push. We recommend you only use this chain for one bike.


  • Double deadbolt locking mechanism - This gives the lock extra protection and security.
  • Can’t be cropped by hand - To get into this lock thieves would need a highly specialized tool.
  • Max-Performance shackle - This again adds to the chain’s security level.


  • Hard to get hold of - This bike chain is difficult to get hold of because it isn’t mass-produced like other bike chains.


Protector Bike Lock


You will not find a chain lock that will protect and secure your bike any better than the Pragmasis Protector Chain. This chain is completely un-croppable. It is made from hardened boron steel and weighs 3lbs per foot.

It comes as no surprise that this insane chain lock has achieved gold ratings in almost every possible category. With this chain, you could lock up your bike, car, caravan, motorbike, or ATV.

It’s probably fair to say if you need something protecting, this chain will do it. Having said that, if you have a £50 bike it isn’t worth protecting it with this lock. This lock is designed for more expensive bicycles.

When we reviewed this chain we were shocked to see just how well it can take damage from a pair of industry bolt cutters. There was no mark left on the chain but the bolt cutters’ jaws were badly damaged instead.

Supplied with this monster chain is the Squire Squire SS65CSS padlock. This padlock is Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rated, supplying an easy way to secure this beast of a chain.

As this chain isn’t readily available when you manage to buy one from Pragmasis you can customize your chair to suit the length, key types, and end link style you desire.

This chain really is the ultimate bike lock.


  • Customizable - You can customize your lock to fit your needs and requirements.
  • Monster lock - This chain has the best-armored lock available.
  • Bolt cutter proof - Bolt cutters will struggle tremendously to get through this chain.


  • Not readily available - The Pragmasis chain is difficult to get hold of.


Bike chain locks are an excellent way to secure your bike and prevent theft. As you can see from our list there are a huge number of different locks available. Our list only just scratches the surface of what is an unbelievable amount of high-quality bike chains.

Everyone is likely to have a slightly different requirement from their bike chain so it is important to think carefully about how the chain will be used and what works best for you.

Some chains are portable making them suitable for people who want to take their chain with them. Other chains are heavier and stationary so should be kept in one place, whether that be at home or your workplace.

Some people want to chain up multiple bikes whilst others want to chain up just one. We are all different but there is still a lock out there for all of us.

As good as some small locks are they are often not as strong as bigger, heavier chains. Bigger heavier chains offer more protection and secure the bike better. However, this then makes them less portable.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Now you have this list at your fingertips, narrow it down to help you find the best bike chain lock for you. Making the right decision will help you purchase a chain that suits your needs and keeps your bike super safe.

Bike Locks

Buyers Guide

If you’re still struggling to make a decision consider some of these key points when making your choice.

Size of Chain

The size of your bike chain will impact what you can do and how much it secures your bike.

Chains range from 5mm to 16mm+. We strongly recommend you don’t look at any chain under 9mm. A chain under 9mm is quite easy to break if you have the right tools so it won’t protect your bike.

The general rule when looking for a chain is the bigger it is the stronger it is. Bear this in mind when buying your lock.

Locks that are 12mm+ start to be very hard to break but also start to get heavier. This is fine if you don’t want to move your chain but it could cause problems if you want a chain you can ride with.

If you want a chain you can ride with we recommend you go for a 10mm chain. These chains offer great security and are normally not too heavy to ride with.

Portable VS Stationary

When looking for the best bike chain it is important that you decide whether you want a portable or stationary chain. A portable chain is smaller, lighter, and often comes with less security but it does mean you can take it with you.

This is good for those of you who like to use your bike to ride to multiple places before locking it up. This option is also good if you need to lock your bike up after your commute to work.

Stationary chains are always kept in one place. They are normally a lot heavier and come with more high-quality security features. These types of chains are more beneficial to people with more expensive bikes who want to keep their bikes safe at home.

Knowing which chain you need will help you make a decision you won’t later regret.


The best bike locks are made out of the best materials. It is as simple as that. If you want to buy a chain that you know will successfully protect your bike then look for one that is made from the following materials.

Titanium - Some strong locks have a titanium coating to give them an extra layer of strength.

Hardened steel - Nearly all the best strong locks are made using hardened steel. This material is hard to break through, giving your bike durable security.

Nylon sleeve - Bike chains that have a nylon sleeve again add more protection to the chain, making it hard for thieves to cut through them with bolt cutters.

Cylinder lock cover - Cylinder lock covers protect the lock mechanism.

If you look for a bike lock made from these materials you can’t go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bolt Cutters Cut Through A Kryptonite Lock?

Unfortunately, if a thief has the right amount of time and the best tools a Kryptonite lock can be cut. It must be said it wouldn’t be easy because Kryptonite locks offer an amazing amount of protection but it is possible.

To give Kryptonite some credit though their strongest chain locks would require the very best industry-standard bolt cutters to cut through the chain.

This would be very unlikely so the chances are if you own the best Kryptonite chain your bike will be safe.

How Much Should You Spend On A Bike Lock?

You should aim to spend about 10% of the value of your bike on a lock. It makes no sense to spend $100 on a bike lock if the bike only cost you $50.

If you can’t find a lock for a price that matches 10% of your bike, it probably means your bike is too expensive to leave unattended.

Is An Expensive Bike Lock Worth It?

An expensive bike lock can definitely be worth it if you have an expensive bike. The more expensive a lock is the more security it tends to add to the protection of your bike. Cheaper locks are commonly made from cheaper materials that are broken easier.

More expensive locks use stronger materials and more often than not come with more features such as a double deadbolt or rubber-coated lock.

We highly recommend that if you own an expensive bike you should strongly consider spending the money on a more expensive lock. Despite being more expensive you really do get what you pay for.

Andrew Daniels