8 Best Bike Lifts for Storing Your Beloved Bicycle

As much as every cyclist adores their bike, there’s no hiding the fact that bikes become cumbersome pieces of equipment once it’s time to store them. Especially if you’re the proud owner of multiple mountain and road bikes for the whole family.

A family’s bike collection can quickly fill a garage and leave that proud owner scratching their head as to what to do and next.

So, if you’re someone who constantly has to re-jig their bursting at the seams garage to fit the bikes in and is way past their wit’s end with it - we’ve got just the solution for you. Or if you live in an inner-city apartment that’s on the smaller side of cozy and simply can not handle a single bike on ground level, we’ve got just the thing!

Bike Lift Installation

Even if you have the big double garage, do you really want half of it taken up by your family’s bikes? Most of which, probably don’t get used half as much as they should.

Using a ceiling-mounted pulley system, bike lifts are the ultimate bike storers that every cyclist needs. The ability to have your bikes out of sight and mind by suspending them securely from the roof will give you some much-needed floor space back.

In this article, we will showcase the 8 best bike lifts found online today so that you’ll be reaping its rewards by moving freely around your home or garage tomorrow.

Having also included a compressive buyer’s guide and a few FAQs just in case anyone is a little unsure which lift is the best fit for them.

Best Bike Lifts


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With over 2,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, it’s clear that RAD’s bike hoist is at the top of the bike lift game. It features rubber-coated hooks that ensure your favorite toy on two wheels doesn’t fall victim to unnecessary scratches while suspended.

The max weight capacity of 75lb is considered high for a single bike lift. At this kind of capacity, you should be able to suspend your heavy electric bikes from the ceiling and park your car underneath them in confidence.

This impressive lift also has no need for a mounting board and can be installed directly into ceiling joists. Designed for ceilings up to 12ft, it features a cam lock mechanism that prevents accidental release and ensures that every pull is secure.

The best thing about this lift is even though it’s a premium bike storage option, it isn’t excessively priced. Allowing you to purchase multiple RAD’s to line up your entire bicycle fleet for less.


  • 75lb capacity - Can handle most tandem and electric bikes
  • Rubber-coated hooks - Prevents your bike from being scratched
  • Cam lock mechanism - Stops accidental bike release
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction - Rust and gauge proof


  • Fixing screws - Some reviewers have complained about screw quality


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Garage Gator’s bike lift can hold 8 bikes and has a staggering capacity of 220lb. At this size, it is the perfect bike lift for a large family who loves their riding. The best part about this lifting beast is that it features a motorized pulley system that takes the heavy-lifting out of bike storage.

With the simple press of a button, the bike storage bar will move up and down. This allows you to simply lift each bike off of the bar while suspended just above the floor.

The lift benefits from a 15ft push-button wired controller and a 9ft wide hook/ lift bar, meaning you can work its motorized magic from a distance.

The versatile hooks are also great for storing other sporting equipment and household items like golf bags and ladders. This versatility coupled with the convenience of an automatic system makes this bike lift a force to be reckoned with.


  • 9ft wide lift bar - fits 8 bikes at a maximum
  • 220lb capacity - allows you to store your bikes confidently
  • Versatile hooks - store other items like your golf bag


  • Expensive - only worthwhile if you own a lot of bikes


[amazon fields=”B00006JBL3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Racor’s bike lift is another tried and tested means of storing your bike with ease. Its pulley system is designed to make your bike feel 8 times lighter and, therefore, super easy to pull up and reach the roof.

It benefits from a pully locking mechanism that will give you assurance when your family is walking underneath the suspended bikes. It can handle a commendable 50lb of weight, which is more than enough to hold most bike types.

Other notable features include the wall-mounted cord wrap that will store the lift cords in a nice and tidy manner.

Made of epoxy-coated steel, this lift is incredibly strong and won’t scratch easily. Each Razor lift can free up 6-8ft of floor space to give your family its garage back. A simple and effective bike lift that will put in many years of invaluable bike storage service.


  • 50lb capacity - Holds most bike types
  • Epoxy-coated steel - Offers extra strength
  • Wall-mounted cord wrap - Keeps cords tidy


  • Less capacity than Rad bike lift - Similar price but not as heavy-duty


[amazon fields=”B00D4BTJQI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The green finish of Bike Lane’s bicycle lift is a strong look that offers a point of difference from the plethora of black bike lifts that are currently available. Another way that Bike Lane has set their lift apart is by engineering it to lift heavy 100lb bikes at a maximum.

This is very impressive when you consider how competitive the bike lift’s price point is.

It also comes with all the right features that you would expect from a premium bike lift of the modern-day. Things like rubber-coated hooks, a safety locking mechanism, and a cord wrap have all been included.

Designed for ceilings of 12ft, this strong bike lift has a smart look and an impressive price. Easy to install and use, the only point of concern is that some Amazon reviewers have mentioned the hooks being a bit on the precarious side.


  • Cost - Quality construction for a competitive price
  • 100lb capacity - purposefully engineered to hold heavy bikes
  • Green finish steel - Strong and stylish


  • Questionable hooks - some Amazon reviewers deemed the hooks unsafe


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If you liked the idea of the motorized bike lift of number 2 but knew that an eight bike system was excessive for your needs, then you’re in luck. The Proslat Garage Gator four bike lift is perfect for couples and small families who haven’t quite acquired a full fleet of bikes just yet.

It is also ideal for people who have one or two bikes and would like to store other bulky items like the golf set as well.

The lift runs off of a 460 W motor that has plenty of power and grunt to get those extra heavy electric bikes up. With a max capacity of 220lb, you need not worry about this premium lift doing what it says on the tin - storing your bikes.

For anyone who was worried about their particularly high apartment ceilings, unlike most other bike lifts that tap out at 12ft, this Garage Gator can accommodate 9-15ft high ceilings.

A very impressive lift with a hefty list of unique features in design and construction for which the high price reflects.


  • Motorized - makes storing bikes much easier
  • 220lb capacity - Can store heavy bikes and other bulky items
  • Accommodates 15ft ceiling - perfect for anyone with high apartment ceiling


  • Expensive - Cheaper alternatives available


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Do you know what could be better than one bike lift? Well, that could only be two bike lifts of course. Great Working Tools has dished up an impressive set of two lifts for the cyclist who loves the thrills and spills of trail riding just as much as putting the miles in on the road.

Each lift can hold 55lb, giving plenty of leeway for standard road and mountain bikes. A unique feature of these lifts is that their extra-large hooks have additional safety straps to eliminate any chance of a flying and wayward bike. We also really enjoyed the wooden cord storer with its smooth and sleek design.

A very decent pair of lifts that are also extremely well priced and ready to go.

  • Set of two - can lift multiple bikes
  • Well priced for two - similar cost to some single bike lifts
  • Additional safety straps - helps eliminate hooks from slipping


  • Set of two - useless if you only have one bike


[amazon fields=”B003WCDBZE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Yes, technically this isn’t a bike lift in the traditional sense. However, for the cyclist who doesn’t mind lifting their bike overhead, this is a very good way to store bikes.

By eliminating the cord and pulleys, this bike ceiling rack by Saris Bike can give you a quicker and easier time storing your bikes. With simple sliding hooks, all you have to do is hook one wheel in, let it hang, then lift the other wheel up and slot it into the other hook.

It fits four bikes as standard, but if that isn’t enough, there’s a two bike add-on kit that can be separately purchased to suspend a full six bike collection. The rack can accommodate 55lb bikes with wheelbases up to 56” and 2.5” in width.

A swift and effective means of storing bikes that, granted you can comfortably lift your bike, works like a charm.


  • No cord or pulleys - saves time putting away multiple bikes
  • Fewer parts than lift - less chance of things breaking
  • Stores four bikes - great for a family


  • No cord or pulleys - requires you to lift your bike overhead


[amazon fields=”B0756NS1MC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This wall-mounted bike rack by Zero Gravity Racks features an innovative and patented design. Like the Saris Bike rack, it does away with the need for pulleys and cords, while still offering cyclists an easier means to lift their bike up.

Let Zero Gravity do the work for you with their patented gas strut system that can make light work of lifting heavy bikes and storing them securely.

There’s no need to up-end your bike either. Simply place it the right way up onto the rack and after locking it in, raise it up until it finds its horizontal resting place.

This rack will also gain you more overhead space as your bike won’t be left hanging or suspended. A truly unique and inspiring rack that is perfect to store bikes in urban environments.


  • Horizontal bike storer - saves more overhead space
  • Patented gas strut system - does the heavy lifting for you
  • Sleek design - suits urban living
  • No pulley or cord - quickly stores bikes


  • Expensive - much higher price point than single bike lifts

Buyer’s Guide

The ability to store bikes from the ceiling allows people to reclaim their garage and apartment floor space. However, with varying types and sizes available, honing in one the perfect lift for your bike storing predicament can be a little harder than first imagined.

By looking at type, capacity, ceiling height, and motorized lifts, this simple yet informative buyer’s guide will give cyclists a better idea as to which lift is right for them.


There are a few different bike lift types that each have their own benefits and, subsequent negatives. The standard bike lift that fits one bike and uses a pulley system is very popular and, unsurprisingly, features heavily in our best bike lift list.

They are very well priced, simple to use, and completely eliminate the need of lifting your bike to store it.

Ceiling racks are another type of bike storage system that, in a similar light to the classic bike lift, will suspend your bikes from the ceiling. They are a no-fuss option for people who can comfortably lift their bikes overhead and don’t fancy having a pulley system do it for them.

This means they aren’t as user-friendly as bike lifts, but when time is of the essence, they do their job well.

Wall-mounted racks are ideal for people living in urban spaces who desire their bikes to be out of sight and mind as much as possible.

By storing your bikes horizontally, they offer more overhead space that can really make the difference in an inner-city studio apartment. The best in the business also have gas strut systems that make it much easier to get your bike up to where it needs to go.


The maximum capacity that each bike lift and rack can handle is a hugely important factor to consider, and especially for people with heavy electric and tandem bikes. In general, most bike lifts and racks come with a 50lb capacity rating to handle the bulk of mountain and road bike types and sizes.

There are a few bike lifts with extra heavy-duty cord and pulley systems that are known to offer 75lb capacity, with the strongest of the bunch tapping out at 100lb. With some electric bikes hitting the 80lb mark, these higher weight ratings are very welcomed by some cyclists.

Ceiling Height

Another consideration that deals in numbers, the ceiling height that each lift safely works from is important say the least. You’ll find most bike lifts often hit the unclassified industry-standard ceiling height of 12ft.

As it stands today, the average ceiling in America is known to be 9ft high. Which gives you the wriggle room to safely mount most bike lifts to your garage or apartment ceiling. If you live in a building with particularly high ceilings, problems can arise with the standard 12ft ceiling clearance.

If you’re currently looking up at your ceiling and getting a sore neck because of it, then look out for bike lifts that are approved for 15ft ceilings. Occasionally you’ll find some bike lifts are only rated for 9ft ceilings, making them more suited to low-set garages than apartments.


Taking away the need to lift or pull up your bikes at all, motorized bike lifts are gaining traction in the bike storage world. Using an electric motor that is hooked up to a pulley system, and the simple push of a button.

These remarkable machines will lift your bike up and leave you smiling smugly while not even thinking about breaking a sweat beneath it. Of course, they don’t exactly come cheap when compared to standard bike lifts.

But for the cyclist who doesn’t mind spending money on good equipment that’s going to last and serve them well, motorized lifts are a clever investment indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Bike Lift Be Installed By A Single Person?

In short, yes, most standard bike lifts can be installed by a single person. Of course, 4-6 bike bike lifts will be challenging for one person, but if you’re a handy woman or man then even these are achievable solo.

Having another set of hands does make the process a whole lot more enjoyable though. With a friend you will be able to trade cycling stories as one of you holds the bike lift parts in place and the other drills.

How Close Can I Hang My Bikes Together? 

Relatable to the age old question, how long is a piece of string? Depending on who you ask, you will find a different answer, almost everytime.

Not only does it bank on how much a cyclist cares about their bikes touching, but it also depends on their bike handlebar widths.

In general though, if you don’t want your bikes to touch you will need to distance your bikes at least 16” apart. If you’re not too bothered by them coming up close and would rather have more ceiling space, then you could go down to 12” at a minimum.

On the other hand, if your bikes are collectively worth more than your car and a scratched frame would make you break down in tears then spacing them beyond 18” is a smart move.

Is Hanging My Bike Going To Damage It?

Bike lifts and racks are purposefully built to be as low impact on a bike as possible. Even though suspending a bike from the ceiling may look unnatural.

When you consider that bikes are designed to handle the weight of a person and tough terrain, no bike should be damaged from a bike lift.

Just make sure that the bike lift you’re looking at has a rubber coating over its hooks to prevent your bike from being scratched while stored.


As smooth and freeing as they are to ride on roads and trails when it comes to storing a bike, they suddenly become a very awkward, hard, and large item to find a suitable place for.

So It’s no surprise that bike lifts are becoming so popular as cyclists clue onto the fact that there’s now a smarter way to store bikes. Imagine not having to worry about your bike until the time that you actually need it.

Then all you have to do is loosen off the cord and watch your bike slide down from the ceiling like a bonafide spider bike. This dream could be your reality if you were lucky enough to pick up one of the best bike lifts in the biz from the above list.

Andrew Daniels