The 5 Best Cup Holders Reviewed | Bicycle Drink Holders

Cup holders are a fantastic accessory to add to your bicycle whether you want to sip your morning coffee as you go for a gentle glide around the park or chug your water as you power through miles of intense pedaling.

It’s great to just have the option of taking a sip of whatever drink you have in arms reach as it can be a real hassle having to hold your cup in one hand and use the other to navigate through traffic or potholes.

And even when you do have a moment to spare to take a knock back some of your drink you realize that it has gotten cold and your day has been ruined before it has even begun.

Man holding a cup while biking

In this review, five of the best bicycle cup holders that are available on the market today will be discussed so that you can make the best decision as to what cup holder is best for you. These holders have been tested so that the products can be discussed from one user to another.

What makes a good cup holder and factors you should have in mind when looking for one will also be explained to allow you to make your own decision when you’re on the hunt for one. This will cover purpose, material, and mount as these are important to think about.

A FAQ will be included so that you know what others have asked regarding bicycle cup holders and will give you that extra bit of knowledge that you would not have otherwise.



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You’re lucky enough to get two of these wonderful cup holders with the purchase and are best for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold as they are so well insulated.

The insulation is due to the 20CC PEVA material which stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate and is a much safer material than PVC as it is made without chlorine.

The rest of the cup holder is made from durable cloth and can easily be attached to your handlebars with the three attached velcro straps. You can also attach these cup holders to boats, wheelchairs, and scooters.

Whatever the vehicle is, as long as it has a bar that is 0.9-inches to 2-inches in circumference then these cup holders will easily attach and stay put even on though bumpy roads.

When we tested this cup holder, we found that when you attach the cup holder, get the velcro straps nice and tight to stop it from being saggy and bouncy.

It can fit any cup size as it has a drawstring you can loosen and tighten and fasten in place. You can also store your phone, glasses, charger, and whatever else fits inside of the two mesh side pockets.

Even though it has a good amount of storage, it doesn’t take up too much room on the bicycle handlebar and doesn’t get in the way when you try to turn them.


  • Insulated PEVA layer – does a great job at regulating the temperature of your drink
  • Storage – this cup holder has two extra mesh pockets on the outside that you can use to store extra belongings


  • Waterproof – since the cup holder is made of cloth, the exterior would not fair as well against harsh weather conditions that you may get stuck in on the bike


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This is another bicycle cup holder that is multipurpose as it has a component that you can use to slip your phone or keys into. The way in which it holds the phone allows you to use your smartphone’s GPS as the screen faces you and has plenty of room for your finger to navigate the screen.

The cup holder itself has clever features that can adjust to what kind of cup you have. It has flexible silicone flaps that will keep your bottle, cup, or anything else as secure as possible.

There is a gap in the holder that can accommodate cups that have handles such as mugs, baby bottles, and more.

This cup holder is attached to your bicycle, walker, or stroller with a clamp that you can rotate 360° to be in whatever position you prefer.

The clamp has rubber jaws that can latch on have a firm grip unless you loosen it, and it is very easy to attach and detach. The ABS plastic material in which the cup holder is made also makes it very durable and steady on rough roads.


  • Multipurpose – cup holder also has a section that you can put your phone or keys into
  • Secure – the clamp has a rubber jaw that is easy to adjust and stays put, silicone tabs adjust to whatever shape and size the cup is


  • Clamp Design – even though the clamp is secure, it cannot be attached to a bar that is curved


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This cup holder is especially recommended for baby strollers because you can be mounted in multiple positions such as under the seat, front bars, and sidebars depending on the design of the stroller.

It can also be rotated 360° that can adapt to multiple angles, this makes it a good option for bicycles, wheelchairs, and walkers as well. Since this product consists of a pack of two cup holders, you could even use two at the same time, either for you and your toddler or one for coffee and one for water.

We found it very easy to mount and you do not need any tools which make it easy to transfer to your other methods of transport.

It’s also very lightweight at just 7.8 ounces that will not weigh down your stroller or bicycle. As well as this, if you don’t fancy the black aesthetic, there are other colors that you can choose from.

The way that it is designed allows you to store a variety of receptacles such as thermos, water bottles, and baby bottles.

Keep in mind that this product has a height of 5.9-inches, and a diameter of 2.5-inches and has quite large gaps in the side that a smaller object might fall out of.


  • Multiple positions – you can mount this cup holder onto different places of the baby stroller, walker, etc.
  • Different cups – this cup holder can hold a thermos, water bottle, and mug


  • Large gaps – if your cup is the correct height, the gaps works well with accommodating handles of baby bottles and thermos, but if not then the product will likely fall out of the side


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This cup holder is as simple as it gets as it only consists of a clamp and an aluminum ring. Despite this, it understands what it was made to do, and the simple design makes it very hardy and easy to use. The ring has a diameter of 3-inches and weighs just over 3oz.

You can adjust the size of the clamp with your fingers by unscrewing it tighter or looser and the small rubbery teeth on the inside will grip onto whatever bar you want. It can also be mounted to motorbikes, walkers, strollers, and wheelchairs and once tightened will not budge.

There are certain limits that come with this cup holder compared to others on the market as it can only hold coffee cups or thermos that have a wider neck than they do bottom.

However, if you do not drink out of other kinds of receptacles then you should be suited with this cup holder. Reusable to-go coffee cups are an excellent way to keep your drinking habits environmentally friendly and sustainable.


  • Durable – the aluminum ring is durable and is not at risk of breaking if your bike falls over
  • Sleek design – the simple design looks modern and does not stick out on a sore thumb like some other cup holders do


  • Limited usability – you can only store a flared cup in this holder


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If you like the idea of a cup holder that can hold a lot more than just a large 32oz bottle, then this product would be a good option for you.

It is made out of a premium 600 Denier Oxford cloth and has an insulating layer of 20CC PEVA and aluminum foil that will keep you drink the same temperature you left with, no matter the temperature of the weather.

It also has drawstrings that you can use to easily adjust the tightness of the holder to accommodate your thermos or bottle.

It uses four velcro straps that can be manipulated into multiple positions to attach itself to a variety of different angles and widths that you may find on a bicycle or stroller.

As well as a large bottle, you can store multiple different goodies in this holder such as your phone, keys, wallet, glasses, and more, and the thick velcro straps will keep it in place regardless of how much weight it is holding inside of it.

The pocket on the side is perfect for storing a smartphone as it is easy to access and there are small loops and clips that can also be used for hanging whatever else you need.

It comes with a long strap that you can use to turn the cup holder into an over-the-shoulder accessory so that your drink is never too far away and saves you from having to hold it, or you can clip it onto your backpack.


  • Flexible positions – the velcro straps allow you to mount this cup holder in nine different positions
  • Storage space – can hold a 32oz bottle and has side pockets, loops, and clips you can use to store multiple belongings


  • Bulky – it does not have the sleekest design and takes up more room than other cup holders on the market

Buyers Guide

You may think that buying a cup holder is no big deal and what could possibly go wrong? Well, you could have hot coffee spilling all down your bike as you make your usually relaxing commute to work but that’s if the coffee is still hot and hasn’t been chilled by the wind swirling past you for the last 20 minutes.

If you put your phone, keys, or wallet in a cup holder that isn’t secure enough then you can also say goodbye to those as they fly past you and skid along the road never to be seen again.

These scenarios are not the end of the world, but they are still very inconvenient and can easily be avoided if you are reminded of what to look for in a cup holder.


As you have probably picked up throughout the course of this review, cup holders can hold more than just a cup. If you are someone who likes to drink a variety of different drinks in different cups, then you would do best with a cup holder that can adapt to these different shapes and sizes.

If you like to have all your valuable possessions in the same place, then cup holders can be a great storage feature. Some have side pockets, hoops, clips, and more that will easily keep a hold of the things that matter to you.

However, you may just want a simple cup holder that will hold your favorite cup and nothing more. If this is the case then there are plenty of products out there that will suit your needs (or, need), and you will not have to fuss about any of the extras.


The material from which your cup holder is made from has a big impact on its performance such as its insulation, durability, and storage.

For insulation, you should keep an eye out for fabric cup holders as they usually have an insulated interior layer made out of PEVA that will regulate the temperature of your drink very well.

Keep in mind that fabric cup holders are not the best for having in heavy rain as they are not the most waterproof, but the chances are that you’re cycling, or pushing a baby in heavy rain is quite slim anyway.

Oxford cloth is a good fabric as it is very durable and will take a long time to show any signs of wear and tear.

If you are not too bothered about the cup holder insulating your drink and your thermos does that already then you can get a holder that is made from a material such as aluminum or ABS plastic.

These cup holders are a bit less flexible with what receptacles you can store in them but depending on what one you buy, you will not be too limited. However, they do have benefits such as not worrying about them getting wet, being baggy, or being too bulky.

And, as mentioned earlier, fabric cup holders tend to have more external pockets and accessories that you can use to store more things.


If your commute or favorite bike route involves a lot of bouncy roads, then you need to get a cup holder that won’t jump around and send your drink everywhere. The way in which the product is mounted will play a big part in this.

Another thing that you should think about when looking at the ways each cup holder is mounted is its practicality and ease of use.

There’s almost nothing worse than messing around with little clips and fasteners that barely even hang onto the bike after you think you’ve figured it out.

You may also not want to be limited to what positions you can have the cup holder on as well, and some will only attach to straight bars whilst others can be contorted to fit whatever angle you present them with.

Once the cup holders in this list were reviewed, it was found that those rubber jaws clamps were more secure than those with velcro straps, but velcro straps were much easier to attach to different angles and positions.

However, do not let this put you off velcro straps because they will still grip onto your bar but may bump around a bit more when you go over rough roads.

Best Bike Cup Holder

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make a Cup Holder for a Bike?

If you’re on a bit of a tight budget or like to upcycle then there is a way that you can make your very own bicycle cup holder.

First, you will need to gather the correct parts, including that tin of beans you finished for dinner last night. You will also need a koozie (fabric sleeve), baking soda, sealer, paintbrush, marker, and a bike mount that can easily be found at any bike store for under $5.

To make this pile of mess into a charming little cup holder for your bicycle, you will need to begin by washing the tin and removing the label with warm soapy water.

You can also get a hammer and smooth out any sharp bits. Baking soda and a sponge is a great combination that will tackle any other imperfections the tin may have such as serial numbers.

Once you have a lovely clean tin, you can begin to brush on your sealer. It is advised to use Mod Podge because a lot of people would still have some at the back of the shelf that was used for thay DIY project years ago.

Go ahead and brush two layers of sealer on the outside and inside of the tin, ensuring that it has been thoroughly covered.

After the sealer has dried, it is time to stick the bike mount onto the side of it, but before you do that you must mark the position with the marker you have handy.

Once you are happy with the location of the holes, you can go in with a hammer, drill, or another similar tool and punch out marked spots. It should be easy to screw the mount onto the tin using the holes but if you feel a lot of resistance, you can carefully make the holes a bit bigger.

If you like, you can even give the tin a bit of a paint with a single color or get creative and paint whatever you prefer to give your cup holder that personalized touch that you can’t get on the market.

If you have painted the tin, it is recommended to go over it with a layer of protectant once it has dried to keep it bright durable.

For the final step, you just have to slide in the koozie which will act as your insulator. Then you can mount it to your bike handlebar and you’re ready to go! Even though this makes a great low-budget cup holder, it won’t be as durable as the ones on this list but it’s much better than having no cup holder at all.

What Is a Reusable Cup Made From?

Now that you have found the perfect cup holder for your bicycle or stroller, you may be on the hunt for a good reusable cup which is an excellent step to take to move toward being more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To find a reusable cup, you should check what it is made of because even if they are advertised as reusable, they still may not be recyclable.

There are many different materials that these cups are made from including bamboo, ceramic, silicone, stainless tell, and recyclable plastic.

Bear in mind that even those these materials are recyclable, the flavor of the material can ooze into your drink leaving you with a slight taste of plastic in your mouth.

They can also have a bit of a funny smell even after you have washed it, we have made a lot of improvement with recyclable material but were not quite there yet!

To avoid this annoyance, sticking to reusable cups that are made of ceramic or silicone are the best as they do not affect the flavor of the drink. Both of these materials are also better alternatives to plastic for recycling.

Andrew Daniels