6 Best Fan for Peloton Bike; Enjoy Your Riding With Fresh Air

There’s nothing like that feeling of pressing that start button on a Peloton guided workout, hopping on your bike, and getting stuck in.

You feel on top of the world as your warm-up kicks off, and you start to feel those muscles heat up and the familiar burn. That determined feeling doesn’t last all the way through the workout, though, does it?

At some point, you start to realize that you’re getting more than a little disheveled. Your hair is sticking to your head and your chin is starting to resemble a leaky tap as the sweat drip, drip, drips off your face.

You start to wonder if perhaps you should have put down a drip tray to protect the carpet. Maybe you have a mirror where you can see yourself slowly turning red-cheeked and angry-looking.

You started with a burst of motivation and happy anticipation of the feeling you’ll get when you jump (or fall) off the bike at the end of your session, but now you can’t even remember why you started this. Cursing the trainer’s name to high heaven through gritted teeth, you push through it and battle on because you are a Peloton warrior.

It’s been said by many trainers and coaches over the years, and we expect you’ve heard the phrase before if you’ve been dabbling in the fitness scene for a while. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” they say.

But that goes against our human instinct quite substantially. Our brains shy away from discomfort and almost always pick convenience over effort if the result is the same. That’s why we have so many drive-throughs.

Fan for Peloton Bike

It’s not just the physical effort that makes Peloton challenging, it’s the emotional effort of keeping yourself going through it. The constant positive thoughts you have to manufacture to encourage and self-motivate yourself, even though you are physically dripping, are draining.

Sometimes you might just settle for half-effort while you curse the architect who didn’t put just one more window in this room, so you could feel the cool breeze on your face.

That’s when it dawns on you. You have the answer: a fan. A powerful fan would make it a completely different experience for you during your Peloton workouts.

You would be unstoppable and could finish your workout in a fit state to open the door to the Amazon delivery driver if the doorbell should ring just as your workout finished. Wouldn’t that be something? But what sort of fan do you get?

What type do you go for? Clip-on, pedestal, floor, or tower? What kind would be best for you? Few of us are actually electric fan experts but don’t worry, because we have found six of the best fans that will specifically make your Peloton workout 100% better and more comfortable.

What’s wrong with a little comfort, anyway? “No pain, no gain” can go away, as far as we’re concerned.

Best Fan for Peloton Bike


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This freestanding powerful fan has an adjustable height, so you can comfortably cool off from many angles. The height can be set between 28 inches to 41 inches without a lot of fuss to change it.

The head moves for optimum multidirectional airflow and is powerful enough on its top speed to circulate air up to 100 feet away from the unit. This fan has three speeds, so you can adjust the speed to suit your needs.

All the Vornado fans feature a 6ft power cord, so you can easily move it where you want to in the room, even if it’s not really close to a power socket.


  • Powerful airflow fan - This fan can produce whole room air circulation, so it doesn’t just blow around hot air, it cools the whole space.
  • Adjustable height - Adjustable from 28” to 40”.
  • Multi-directional head - Head can pivot to provide optimum fan position.
  • Three air speeds - Three speed settings, so you can get the right result.
  • 6ft cable - Move it around the room without running out of cord.


  • Expensive - The Vornado is definitely toward the pricer end of our range.
  • Intrusive - the design means that it’s not the type of small fan you can hide away inconspicuously when you’re not using it.


[amazon fields=”B0025QKUE8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Vornado 660 is a more compact version of the one above. It is a floor fan with a 90-degree tilt, so it can get just the right angle from there.

This fan has four speeds and is surprisingly powerful for a compact fan. One of the best thing about this is that you can get a version that is Alexa Enabled, so you can connect it to your Alexa device.

That means you can control the settings and turn it off and on with your voice or with your phone. Handy mid-workout if you realize you have it up too high or need to turn the speed down a little.


  • Powerful airflow fan - For a compact design, this fan is surprisingly effective.
  • Adjustable head - The head pivots up to ninety degrees.
  • Hands-free control- Alexa enables you to control the fan with your voice, so you don’t have to stop to adjust the settings.
  • Four air speeds - Four speed settings, so you can get the airflow just right.
  • 6ft cable - Move it around the room without running out of cord.
  • Choice of colors - Available in black or white.


  • Not freestanding - if it’s air blowing in your face that you want, you may be able to put this fan on a table or raised surface, so the most power is concentrated there.
  • Not as small as others in the range - While you can’t argue with the power of this fan, there are several smaller versions that have most of the features of the 660 AE.


[amazon fields=”B00002N5ZB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This compact floor fan is easy to move and is energy efficient. It features three air speeds and pivots to cool the whole space if you choose rather than sending out one jet stream in one direction.

This model is relatively inexpensive compared to other fans of similar quality, so it’s a good choice if your budget is tight.


  • Compact, yet powerful design - This little fan doesn’t take up much space, which is ideal if your home gym is a multipurpose room like a study or a spare bedroom.
  • Adjustable head - The head pivots and swivels for maximum air distribution.
  • Three air speeds - Three speed settings, so you can get the airflow just right.
  • Contemporary look - The gray and black color scheme make it look modern, yet unobtrusive.


  • Not freestanding - If you want a high mounted one, then this one could be adapted to mount on the wall, but it doesn’t have a stand.
  • Indoor use only - The fan is not suitable for outside use, so it’s no good if you want some airflow during a summer lawn workout.
  • Hard to clean - This fan requires complete disassembly to clean, which is time-consuming.


[amazon fields=”B07JHL69VK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This fan is specifically designed for fitness use and provides 30mph wind speeds, which should make it feel like you’re really cycling outside on a mild day. This clever machine can connect to certain smartwatches and fitness trackers, so it can monitor your heart rate.

As your heart rate increases, so does the airspeed. You can also download the Wahoo app to control the settings from your phone via Bluetooth. If you want to control your Wahoo fan manually, there are four speeds to choose from.

This fan is specifically designed for cycle-based workout sessions, as it is designed to mirror the shape of a cyclist’s body position so that air hits you where you would want it the most.

It doesn’t just send air out of the front grid, either, it sends a natural style wind effect out of the side panels, so it feels like the wind is rushing past you as you cycle. This fan doesn’t just cool you down, it makes an indoor Peloton cycling session feel like you’re really on a ride outside.


  • Specifically for indoor cycling - We can tell that this design has been developed with Peloton users in mind.
  • Connect to an HRM - This device can connect to a heart rate monitor or tracker and the airspeed increases as your heart rate rises. As you workout harder, the Headwind will work harder too. In our experience, this is a huge plus.
  • Adjustable air speeds - Four speed settings, so you can get the airflow just right.
  • Targeted airflow - This makes the experience of cycling feel more authentic whilst cooling you in all the right places.


  • Not adjustable - Neither the height nor the angle of the fan can be adjusted.
  • High price point - More than most people would be comfortable spending on a fan, even one that fits their specific purpose.
  • Noisy - 30mph winds were bound to make some noise, but it can be distractingly loud for a fan.


[amazon fields=”B083Q2CPXB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This little clip-on style fan can fit comfortably onto the handlebars of your Peloton bike. It is rechargeable via a USB cable, which is good for portable, wireless use.

This is an ultra-quiet and flexible product that will blow cool air in your face as you cycle. If that’s what you want from a fan, then you might just be this product’s number one fan.

Inexpensive and multi-functional, this fan can also be used on a stroller or pushchair, be handheld, or stand on its tripod legs to be a table or floor fan.

Ideal for home, office, or out and about, if you want a small fan that you can use just about anywhere then you’ve found one. It’s versatile and small enough to fit anywhere.

The battery charge may concern you, as you don’t want it running out of power just as you’re hitting your stride and working those thighs. That would be the worst time to lose your precious airflow.

The battery life ranges from 6-20 hours and is fast-charging compatible, although a fast-charging cable may not be included. Because it’s USB charged, you can charge it from just about anything from a plug to your car, or your laptop.

The fan also has three different speeds, which you wouldn’t expect for a fan this size or in this price range. It claims to be easy to clean, too, which is a big consideration if you’re going to be using it for any length of time. We hate fans that you have to pick apart piece by piece just to wipe over.


  • Clip-on fan - This fan can be used in a variety of positions, you can securely twist the flexible tripod legs around the handlebars of your Peloton bike, or use the legs to make it freestanding on the floor or a surface.
  • Re-chargeable - This fan charges using a USB cable and can be used with a fast-charging cable. It features 6-20 hours of battery life, so you can work out as long as you want.
  • Adjustable airspeed - Three speed settings within easy reach from your bike.
  • Easy to clean - If the fan blades collect dust, then you can easily open the frame and wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • 360 rotation - This small fan surprisingly can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Ultra-quiet - This is good news considering it’s so close to your head as you workout. You don’t want an annoying buzzing or whirring sound to distract you from achieving your full Peloton potential.


  • Does not come with a fast-charging cable- Despite being compatible with fast-charging power cables, it does not come with one.
  • Design flaw? - The description for this product on Amazon specifies that if a tripod leg should fall off that the consumer should contact the retailer who will send a new one out to them.

We wonder, because of this comment, whether the tripod legs aren’t of sturdy design and often fall off. This would make the fan next to useless, although it is good that the seller will replace it without question.


[amazon fields=”B071JBX9MQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Rowenta pedestal fan uses a traditional freestanding design but with the modern addition of a convenient remote. Fans that are able to be controlled without dismounting from your Peloton bike are preferable to manually controlled ones because you can change the settings without disrupting your session.

It’s available in silver, white or black, so you can choose the style that blends with your decor the best. It seems the drawback is that if you don’t want a fan that looks like a fan, then this will not be your favorite on our list.

The price is also a little high for the fact it looks like the same sort of pedestal fans we’ve had around since the 80s. However, we’re certain that the technology has moved on by now and that it is worth the price tag.

The truth is that you want a fan that isn’t going to die after one season, like some of the cheaply made items do. Sustainable living means choosing not to buy things that you are likely to have to throw out quickly.

Disposable consumerism is a real problem in our society, and we have to change the way we think about what we buy. If paying more for a product that will last is possible, then it will save you money in the long run and the planet a lot of trash and waste.


  • Energy efficient - The manufacturers are proud of their product for its efficient energy usage.
  • Three color designs- A choice of color is always a plus for us with any product.
  • Adjustable airspeed - Five speed settings, including a silent one and a turboboost. All settings are very quiet for a powerful fan.
  • Remote controlled- This fan has a remote which can control the fan’s settings.
  • Quiet- No one likes a buzz kill while you’re riding the Peloton high. This fan won’t be buzzing as it’s very quiet.


  • Traditional design - It might be just us, but we’re not such a fan of a pedestal design. In our experience, fans that are pedestal designs are less easy to hide in the home, whereas floor ones can fit tidily in a corner and tower ones can slide down the side of the couch and could easily be mistaken for CD storage.

Traditional fans like this one just don’t seem to go with anything, but they’re fine for if you have a home gym where it can be stored, but for multi-use spaces it may rather stick out.

  • Price - This is not the most expensive fan on our list, but nor is it what we’d call budget friendly.

Buyer’s Guide

Which Type of Fan is Best for Sport? 

There are various design types when it comes to fans, and some will suit some sports better than others.

When it comes to Peloton cycling, many people prefer a fan that can blast a cool jet of air at their face or from the side at a diagonal angle. Let’s see how different designs measure up to that specific requirement.

6 Best Fan for Peloton Bike

Clip On Fan 

These tend to be smaller and therefore less expensive than other bulkier types. The idea is that you clip or attach the fan to your handlebars and enjoy a blast of cool air from the front to cool your face, neck and shoulders.

Floor Fan

These are often like round balls, approximately 12-22 inches in diameter. They sit flat on the floor and usually have an adjustable head that can be moved and pivoted to point at the optimum angle, like a stage light.

While these will typically have to be further away from you, they are good for all-over body cooling, since the distance from your body means the air will have a wider spread.

Pedestal Fan

These are like floor fans on a stick. They usually feature larger disc-shaped heads with a wire cage to protect things from the fast blades inside.

The design is certainly efficient and has been popular in bygone decades, but they also aren’t everyone’s favorite, because they are large and harder to store. They take up a lot of space compared to other types.

Tower Fan

As the name suggests, these fans come in the shape of a thin tower, frequently 3-4 feet high.

They shoot air out of the front, or sometimes three out four of the sides expel air. These are great for whole room cooling as they often have a continuous rotating setting.

A tower design is quite inconspicuous and space efficient for the size of the fan, but less so than floor fans or clip-on fans.

Andrew Daniels