6 Best Peloton Bike Pedals that Give Better Power Transfer and Rotation!

Cycling is not only an incredibly enjoyable and exciting pastime, but it also has numerous health benefits to elevate it above other similar outdoor activities.

Cycling has benefits as far-reaching as weight loss, strength building, and cardiovascular improvement.

However, not all of us have access to outdoor biking, or some of us may live in areas without suitable bike trails to make use of. This is where the indoor exercise bike comes into play!

For those of us with busy schedules, indoor bikes make it possible to get our daily intensive exercise without even having to move a single inch.

Perhaps the king of all exercise bikes in our modern technological world is the Peloton! Peloton bikes are highly advanced and come kitted with all manner of extra technologies to make indoor exercise exciting and fruitful.

Peloton Bike Pedals

Sadly, many frequent users have noted that the standard pedals that come packaged with the bike are of lower quality.

If you want something a little more advanced from your indoor bike pedals, then take a look at this list of the 6 best Peloton bike pedals that you could grab for yourself!

6 Best Peloton Bike Pedals


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Made from a durable die-cast aluminum construction, these pedals are extremely heavy-duty and built to take you for one hell of a ride. You can put these bad boys through an awful lot, and they will never slacken or let you down in the heat of the moment.

The Venzo pedals are compatible with SPD cleats, to allow you to use your favorite bike shoes at home. This means that the pedals comfortably conform to your needs, to allow for long rides with a comfortable hold that won’t shift.

This also leads to far more effective exercise sessions, as you will tire less quickly! In order to start using these pedals, simply twist them into position in place of the standard Peloton pedals, and then clip your feet into the clips.

When you are done riding, simply twist your heel, and your cleats will slide right out of the locked position! We found during use that this was incredibly easy, and made for hassle-free mounting and dismounting of the bike.

These pedals are also far more comfortable for non-conventional feet than the standard Peloton pedals that the bike comes packaged with. These pedals are built to accommodate both smaller and larger feet so that users of any type can comfortably ride for hours.

Many users have praised the simplicity of these pedals, from the incredibly easy installation process, down to the simple cleat-clipping method. E

very part of this product is designed to be simple and to make use of the Peloton as accessible to as many users as possible. If you’re buying your first ever third-party set of pedals for a Peloton bike, then this is definitely the one for you!


  • Easy to install and use, with a strong hold and a simple dismount.
  • Allows for unconventional foot sizes.
  • The strong and sturdy construction means that these pedals will last for many years of use.


  • Can be slightly squeaky during the first few uses, but this can be sorted by breaking them in or adding a small splash of lubricating oil.
  • Some users have noted a slight rattling or ticking noise during use.


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If you already have a trusty pair of shoes that you’d love to put to good use on your new Peloton, then look no further than the BV Shimano SPD compatible pedal set.

This pedal set is highly adjustable and allows for multiple modifications to be made to suit your riding style.

These pedals can be used both with cleated shoes and with ordinary running shoes! Simply detach the cleat clips from the pedals themselves, and you now have pedals that are comfortable for softer shoes.

This is great, as it allows for multiple people to make easy use of a single Peloton bike, with only minor adjustments needed to accommodate for different styles.

This pedal set also comes with an extra set of SPD cleats that you can then attach to any pair of shoes you wish, to create your ultimate Peloton shoes!

This is perfect for those who are still feeling out the potential benefits of Peloton bikes and want to explore all options.

Further from this, each pedal also comes with a strong set of straps, attached directly to the pedals, in order to keep your feet firmly, but comfortably, in place, no matter what shoes you choose to wear!

These straps can even be adjusted however you see fit, and you can remove them outright, should they prove too restrictive.

You can easily attach these pedals to your Peloton bike and get straight to riding as soon as you receive them. They make use of a basic spindle mechanism and require only a basic Allen key to tighten it into place.

While testing for ourselves, we even discovered that you can adjust the tension of each pedal to your special requirements, just in case you want a very specific type of ride!


  • Easily adjustable to suit all kinds of users with their own requirements.
  • Adjustable tension allows for advanced settings to suit frequent Peloton users.
  • Detachable SPD cleats and cleat clips make it easy to adjust the bike to your favorite footwear.


  • A number of users have noted the straps losing their grip during longer sessions.
  • Do not work with Peloton’s own branded shoes, which may be very annoying for some.


Well Go Pedal

You’re definitely onto something good with these amazing pedals from Wellgo, the E229s. Straight off of the bat, Wellgo advertises their healthy 2-year warranty, so that you know they mean serious business when it comes to providing the best pedals possible.

In fact, Wellgo’s E229 pedals are so good, that you likely won’t ever have to touch this 2-year warranty. These pedals are sturdy and built to last you through whatever you put them through.

Made from aluminum, and with an incredible sense of weight, you’ll definitely feel the high quality once you get your hands on them, and feel how heavy they are. This heaviness helps to give the pedals a slight amount of resistance so that your legs can truly get a good workout.

In our time with the product, we found that the ball bearings encased deep within each pedal and the perfectly fitting spindles make the pedals feel buttery smooth during use.

Despite their incredible weight, you’ll likely feel like you’re riding atop a soft cloud with these pedals. And to sweeten the deal, even more, you’ll never have to worry that your running shoes aren’t suitable, as each pedal is compatible with both SPD cleated and non-cleated shoes.

This makes this a truly versatile product for Peloton users at any level of experience!

This is also a great product for beginner users thanks to its incredibly simple installation process. Peloton bikes are already well renowned for being easy to set up and customize to suit your needs, but these simple pedals take it a step even further!

Simply remove your current pedals, place the new E229s into place, and then screw them in with the packaged tool. And that’s it! No hassle, no extra assembly, and no need to even go out hunting for new tools that you will only use once!

This is great for those with little experience, and who don’t want to risk damaging their expensive Peloton bike by modifying it.


  • Beautifully constructed to be both resistant enough for a strong workout, but light enough to glide through your exercise routines.
  • Easy to install with the included tool, so you can get right back to exercising in no time at all!
  • The 2-year warranty ensures that any problems you encounter will be dealt with promptly, and is a great seal of quality on behalf of the manufacturer.


  • Can prove difficult for slightly larger feet.
  • Some users have reported difficulties clipping cleats into position.


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These pedals were designed, from the ground up, to be used on indoor exercise bikes, including our favorite, the Peloton. They’re easy to set up and install, so you can give your trusty Peloton a whole new lease of life.

The careful design of these pedals extends all the way through to the expansive range of shoe and foot sizes that they can accommodate. The pedal itself is built to clip firmly onto SPD cleats on a range of shoes, to provide a secure grip throughout your exercise sessions.

As well as this, towards the front of each pedal is an optional front section, which provides it with an extra length. This detachable oversized foot cradle allows the pedals to accommodate much larger and longer feet.

This helps to reduce strain for those with larger feet, as it reduces the amount of pressure placed on the midfoot. The foot cradle allows the user to apply force from the front of their feet.

This foot cradle also makes it easier to ride in comfort while wearing your favorite pair of standard trainers.

Some of us found that, during use, the pedals held onto the cleats just a little too tightly. If this ends up being the case with you, then you can easily adjust the grip on your cleats through the use of the screw found on the side of each pedal.

This can be easily done and allows you to change how your pedals feel from use to use. One day you could be powering through an intense workout by increasing the tension, and then the next you could enjoy a more casual and relaxed ride, by lowering the tension.

The possibilities are endless with this pedal set!

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning the friendly 2-year warranty that Venzo offers on these pedals. This warranty allows you to use your Peloton with peace of mind, knowing that any problems that occur will be covered by Venzo.

This warranty is also proof of the confidence that they have over this incredible product. And we can verify that this product truly is incredible!


  • The detachable foot cradle gives users the option to increase the surface of the pedal to accommodate larger feet!
  • Adjustable cleat tension allows you to modify your riding experience to suit your needs and desires.
  • The 2-year warranty covers all problems on the manufacturing end.


  • Clicking noises have been noted amongst users who have used the product for a long period.
  • Certain users have experienced problems with loose screws that rattle, and even come off during use. However, this has proven to be a very rare problem.


Shimano Pedal

Shimano set out here in a concerted effort to create the best beginner-friendly pedals for both road and indoor exercise bikes.

Despite being intended mostly for beginners, they are also perfect for more experienced users, thanks to their incredibly sturdy build and ingenious design, with plenty of features that make the riding experience more smooth.

The pedal is made from chromoly steel, which has a strong consistency, while still being soft enough for feet to use for hours on end.

This extends all the way to its spindle, which is easy to screw into place, while still leaving the pedals with enough leeway to spin softly and comfortably during use.

This makes it easy for those that are new to custom pedals to change their own without worry.

Newbies are also able to introduce themselves to the wide world of cleat clipping. This refers to the ability for the cleats of shoes to clip into position on a set of pedals.

The tension on the clipping spring is loose, to make for easy entry and exit of riding positions, as well as to prevent potential falls.

The space within which your cleats will be clipped is also far wider than in competing models, to allow you to get used to mounting your Peloton fully without even having to look, so you can just get right to your all-important workout!

The pedals themselves are wide, and perfectly allow for different feet, and make it much easier to ride with differing shoes, whether they be cleated or not.

The cleats included with this set are made to be low profile, and to allow for comfortable walking when not on your bike. This also keeps your shoes from damaging your carpet, which is always a help!

This is the perfect product for any of you out there that are changing their pedals for the first time, as it is easy to do so, and slowly introduces you to the potential that custom pedals have. And to add to that, they are also just incredibly comfortable.

While testing them out for ourselves, we found that we almost forgot that they were there!


  • The Shimano pedals are purpose-built to be comfortable and easy to use for newer Peloton users.
  • With a wide clipping radius and the ability to use them both cleated and non-cleated, they are easy to get to grips with and comfortable to use.
  • The wide pedal size makes them comfortable for those with larger-than-usual feet.


  • The detachable cleats can occasionally fall off between uses.
  • The less tense cleat grip makes this a less appealing product for more experienced users.


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You’d be right in thinking that “Dual pedals” is a redundant statement to describe a set of pedals. Of course they come as a duo!

However, “Dual” in this case actually refers to something truly incredible. These pedals really stand out from your average bike pedals. “Dual” refers to the multiple ways in which you can use them.

You can use three very distinct types of footwear. You can use non-cleated shoes, such as a trusty pair of trainers, to allow for quick and comfortable riding at any time. As well as this, however, you can also use both DELTA and SPD cleats.

This makes this easily the most versatile product we have seen yet, accommodating for more users than every other pedal on the market.

Built from a high-grade aluminum that is designed to not degrade or rust, these pedals are perfect for long periods of use, and will likely last you for many years down the line.

This is especially necessary, considering that the pedals are built to be used by both SPD and DELTA cleat users.

And don’t worry about the expensive and high quality of the materials. You won’t ever risk breaking them during installation, thanks to the included comprehensive installation guide that will take you through every step, no matter how difficult.

Realistically speaking, you probably wouldn’t ever have to use the manual, as the installation is so beautifully simple, and can be done easily without stress.

This product is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with using their Peloton, and enjoys using it in a number of ways, and has numerous sets of cleated and non-cleated shoes to use.

They are versatile, comfortable, and easily adjustable to whatever you need from them. They’re truly the top of the pack when it comes to pedals!


  • Can be used in a number of ways by numerous types of users, which makes them incredibly user-friendly.
  • Built from high-grade aluminum throughout to provide solid stability during use, and for many years down the line.
  • Easy and simple installation, thanks to the included manual and simple and readable design of the components.


  • Can be quite expensive, which may be off putting for beginner users.
  • The cleat grip is not fully secure on either side and is definitely on the loose end of the spectrum.

Peloton Bike Pedal Buyer’s Guide

The definition of the “Perfect” pedal is a highly subjective topic. What you define as “Perfect” in the right pair of pedals will depend on a number of factors that are personal to you.

This can make the process of choosing a pair of pedals quite difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look out for amongst the best candidates.

Let’s make it a bit easier, and look at some of the most important things you must consider when making your choice!

How Much Do the Pedals Cost?

When it comes to pedals, the price is generally always reflective of the number of features that the pedals have, and the quality of the materials used. If a pair of pedals has lots of extra features, such as dual cleat modes, or extra accessories such as detachable foot cradles, then they will definitely cost more.

Before you spend a hefty sum on a pair of pedals, you should ensure that the pedals have exactly what you need, and nothing more.

If you are newer to using your Peloton, and just need basic support for your feet, you likely won’t need additional features such as adjustable cleat clip tension, and so it would be foolish to spend a premium for such features if you won’t use them.

Price can also be affected by the brand name, with certain brands carrying more prestige with their name.

Bike Pedals


Pedals are going to face a lot of blunt force. You’re going to be pedaling on them for hours at a time, and thus you need pedals that will be able to take the strain of any workout.

Higher quality materials, such as aluminum are built to stand strong for many years without warping even slightly. Most pedals are made with aluminum, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about finding the right ones.

Some materials may cost more than others, especially if they are more strong than the average.


Once again, it is worth mentioning how long you will be spending on your Peloton every time. If you are going to use it for long workout sessions, then you need appropriate pedals to suit that.

You will want to go for pedals that can provide you with dependable and consistent comfort so that your feet don’t strain or grow tired quickly during use. If you have larger feet, then you may want to spring for a model that has an adjustable foot cradle, so that the midsection of your feet don’t begin to strain and face long-term damage.

What Kinds of Cleats Do You Have?

This sounds obvious, but it is worth reiterating. Certain pedal models are built to take very specific types of cleats. If you have a pair of biking shoes with DELTA cleats, then you will want pedals that are appropriate for them, otherwise, you are definitely in for an uncomfortable ride!

Andrew Daniels