Connecting Apple Watch to Peloton Device – Everything You Need to Know

We waited long enough for it, but the day is finally here – Peloton and the Apple Watch are now compatible! The Apple Gymkit technology is now at a point where it can work harmoniously with your Peloton workout machine.

All you need is your watch, the bike and the Peloton Digital app, and you can log all of your workouts, getting advanced stats right to your Apple device.

With your Apple watch on hand, you can monitor all sorts of stats including the number of calories you’ve burned, how long the workout took, the power, cadence, distance and so much more.

Of course, now it’s only natural that you are itching to give it a try for yourself, but there’s just one problem – you need to get it all set up. You may be wondering if this is a process that will be plain sailing or one that will be having you tearing your hair out in seconds flat.

Whatever the case, we’re here to help you to make the whole process seamless. Here’s everything that you need to know about how you should connect your Peloton to your Apple Watch, and how to get the app and the bike to work together in tandem.

Connecting An Apple Watch To Peloton

Anything is possible in this universe, as your mom may have told you when you were young. Sentimental aspects aside, that also means that connecting your Apple watch to your peloton is indeed possible to do.

By connecting it properly, the Watch and the Peloton can share information that you can use in order to improve your workout performance, or even just to show off to your friends if you so wish.

In case you were just itching to know, here’s how you connect the two together. Our Step by Step guide should help you to get this done in no time at all.

Get The Apple Watch Gymkit

The very first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the gymkit on your Apple watch is enabled. Without following this step you won’t be able to continue on to the steps below, since the Apple watch requires Gymkit in order for it to work.

When you have done this, get onto the AppleWorkout app and look for the gym equipment on there. You should eventually find an option that says ‘Detect Gym Equipment.’ Make sure that you click on that, then look at the sidebar in order to get the watch to find the Peloton bike.

You need to make sure that you have the right settings in place on the Watch too in order to ensure that it’s going to work with the Peloton device.

Get Out Your Peloton Tablet

The next thing that you need to do is to access the touchscreen on your peloton bike. You’d do this in the same way as you would if you were trying to select a class.

Speaking of which, the Apple watch is still going to work just fine since it’s compatible with live and on demand Peloton classes.

Look for the class that you want to go to on the touchscreen. For the sake of argument and simplifying this guide, we are going to assume that the class in question is an on demand one.

Choose the class and press start on the pop up screen to participate. It should just sync up with your Apple watch. The rules are basically the same with the live class option.

The only thing that is different is that you are going to have to wait a few moments before you try to pair the Watch in order to ensure that the pairing process doesn’t end up timing out.

Sync The Watch To The Class

When you have selected your class, you then need to click on the Unlock option on your Apple Watch. When you have done that, point your watch face towards the touchscreen camera on the left side.

What’s great about the Apple Watch is that it comes with an NFC built in chip, and that means that it can connect to a device using the camera of the touchscreen. If it’s working properly then you will notice the watch vibrating in turn and this tells you that a connection has taken place with the screen.

You will also notice a prompt message on the screen indicating that the device is connecting with the watch. All you need to do is click the Ok button on your Apple device and keep doing what you need to do in order to connect.

Begin Working Out

Now that you have followed the steps above, you will notice a green logo coming up on the touchscreen workout page. This will show up both on the workout app and on your Peloton bike.

This little green marker is what tells you that the connection has worked as it should have. If you look at the screen of your watch then you will see the statistics from your workout on it, and you will also be able to keep track of things like the calories burned and the distance on the watch.

You can click the start button and just enjoy your workout from there. Your watch will help you to track all of the metrics that it is able to track, including the calories burned, heart rate, distance and so many more statistics.

Your watch will disconnect without any input from you when the class is over, so you won’t need to worry about taking the time to disconnect it manually.

Connecting The Watch To The Peloton App

If you have the Peloton Digital App then you need not despair – the Gymkit app will also work directly with this too, meaning that you can still use your Apple Watch. This means that it doesn’t only work with the Peloton app which can be quite useful.

If you don’t own a piece of peloton equipment then the Peloton Digital App is just what you need for a good workout without the expense. All you need is to pay $12.99 a month for a subscription and you will be able to use a whole variety of different peloton workouts.

The other great thing is that you are also able to use equipment that’s from another brand if you want to still experience peloton. You can get a cheaper exercise bike and use the app to give you that experience.

So, how do you connect the Apple watch to the Peloton App? Here’s everything you need to know.

Get The App

This may seem obvious, but the first thing that you need to do is install the Peloton app onto your phone or tablet. You can find this on the Apple App store. Just type it into the search bar to find it quickly.

Open The App

When your app has installed onto your phone, all you need to do is click onto it as you would with any other app on an Apple phone and open it up. If you look on the app you will find a ‘More’ button listed on the bottom right. Click onto this button in order to see the options. This is where you will find the Apple watch.

Set Up The Apple Watch App

Now that you have found the Apple Watch selection on the Peloton app, you can now select the ‘set up‘ button. If you look at your start-up screen you should then see an install button popping it up. All you need to do is click onto this button in order to set up the watch app with your Peloton app.

Finish Connection

When you have finished following the steps above, go back onto your Peloton app and open it up. You just need to log into your Peloton account and make sure that the location services are on in order for you to track your workout on your Apple Watch. Make sure that you’ve turned on all of the metrics that you need too.

Is It Possible To Begin A Workout From The Apple Watch?

The only way to begin a workout at present is to manually get it started from your Peloton app on your iPhone. You can then connect the watch to the app from there.

Will You Get GPS Data On The Apple Watch?

You won’t see GPS data on the Apple watch but if you are connected to your phone then you can see the path that you have followed. For the most part though the main idea behind using your Apple watch with Peloton is to track your metrics such as heart rate, distance and calories burned.


Setting up your Peloton and Apple Watch doesn’t need to be complicated – all you need to do is follow the proper steps in order to do it correctly. It’s simple to do when you know what you’re doing.

Now that you’ve got it all connected, it’s up to you to get an amazing workout into your day!

Andrew Daniels