How To Put On Peloton Shoes And Clip Into The Pedal? Easy Trick!

When you first get a pair of peloton shoes, it can often be quite challenging knowing how to put them on correctly and clip them into your bike’s pedals. 

However, there’s no need to worry and feel overwhelmed! Everyone struggles at first, but with the correct information and some detailed instructions, you’ll be riding on your peloton bike in no time at all. 

With this in mind, our guide will take a closer look at the most effective and stress-free way to put peloton shoes on and clip them into the pedals. What’s more, we’ll also look to answer a number of the frequently asked questions. 

What Exactly Are Peloton Shoes?

Before discussing the most efficient method of putting peloton shoes on, it’s a good idea to provide a brief explanation of exactly what peloton shoes are. 

Peloton shoes are the footwear that you need to have in order to ride on the peloton indoor stationary bike. While other shoes can fit into the pedal straps, peloton shoes are by far the most effective and will definitely boost your spinning performance. 

Furthermore, the bike pedals are clipless, so they’re only compatible (if you’re aiming for optimal performance) with SPD-SL and Look Delta design of shoes and cleats. 

Putting Peloton Shoes On

We’ll start by explaining the best practice for putting the shoes on. Listed below are the five key steps to keep in mind. 

1). Firstly, you’ll need to install the peloton shoe cleats. While some shoes compatible with peloton will come with already-installed cleats, the vast majority of brands will not have the cleats mounted, so it’s up to you!

To mount the cleats, you should find three cleat plate holes at the forefront bottom of your shoes. Once you’ve identified them, get your cleats facing forward and line them up so they’re matching the holes.

For guidance, the line at the base of the cleat holes should match the line with the cleats. 

Place the washers and screws on each hole, before using an Allen key to twist the screws inwards. Before tightening the screws too much, it’s a good idea to twist them all in first. Then you can go back and tighten them fully. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that the cleats need to be really tight. This helps to prevent any issues while cycling or during the unclipping process after a peloton workout. 

2). Next, you need to loosen the buckle on your peloton shoes. Almost all peloton shoes come equipped with a buckle closure system and velcro straps, so if the buckle is locked, you’ll need to loosen it first. 

The easiest way to do this is firstly press the button of the buckle to snap it open, and then loosen the strap to a point where you feel the shoe feels tight and comfortable enough without straining your foot. 

3). The third step is to actually put on the peloton shoe. You’ll need to have your cycling socks on before progressing to this stage, and it’s a good idea to find a seat to maintain your balance. 

If it’s your first time putting on a peloton shoe, take your time and be gentle, as the last thing you want to do is mess up the process and knock your confidence. 

Make sure your entire foot is safely settled on the insole of the shoe. In other words, try to avoid your heel hanging, even if you’re planning to ride on the ball of your foot. 

4). Once your foot is securely settled, it’s next time to buckle up the shoe. To do this, you’ll need to pull the string through the loop in the button of the buckle, then pull up the button forcefully and release it.

If you’ve done this correctly, there should be a creaking sound. 

While the shoe needs to be snug against your foot, it still needs to be comfortable. With this in mind, if you feel that the shoe is too tight and causing some discomfort, adjust the strap accordingly until you get your preferred fit. 

5). Following the process explained above, repeat for the other foot. You shouldn’t encounter any problems so long as you install the cleats, loosen the buckle, put the shoe on, and then adjust the buckle to suit your individual preference. 

Clipping Peloton Shoes Onto The Pedals 

Now that you know how to put a pair of peloton shoes on, it’s time to explain how to clip them successfully onto the pedals. Listed below are four simple steps to follow.

1). With your shoes securely fastened, stand either side of the bike with your legs apart and grip the handlebars firmly. This will provide you with a solid foundation when getting your feet onto the pedals. 

2). Next, lift one of your feet off the ground and use it to twist the pedal to roughly the six o’clock position. This is the best position for your foot to easily clip in because the pedal is flat, facing upwards, 

3). With the pedal in the prime position, raise your foot a little higher so you can point your toes downwards and push the ball of your foot onto the platform of the pedal

This should feel relatively secure, but to fully clip your peloton shoe into the pedal, you’ll need to push the pedal to face downwards. This is a forceful move that should facilitate the clipping in. 

If you want to get a stronger grip on the pedal, you can apply some added pressure on the shoe by twisting it. 

4). Now that you’ve got one foot securely attached to the pedal, it’s time to repeat the process for the second. This should be considerably easier than the first foot because not only are you more familiar with the process, you’re also significantly more stable with one foot already securely clipped in. 

To get the second pedal to the prime six o’clock position, turn the first pedal to 12 o’clock. Then, it should be as simple as repeating the process listed above, and forcing your foot onto the pedal for increased pressure. 

With both shoes securely attached onto the pedals, you’re fully set for the ride! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Wear Regular Trainers On A Peloton Bike? 

Yes, you can wear some types of trainers on a peloton bike. This is because peloton pedals are compatible with a few different toe cages, including the peloton brand. So, you can also install these on your peloton bike for fun if you want to try wearing your regular trainers. 

Is It Bad If My Toe Touches The End Of My Peloton Shoe? 

It’s a good idea to find a pair of peloton shoes that provide you with some space remaining at the front, as the last thing you want is for your feet to be crushed while on the bike. 

This breathability is essential as it ensures that your feet will remain comfortable during even the most intense spinning sessions. The ideal amount of space you should be aiming for at the front of your peloton shoe is just under half an inch.  

Can You Put Regular Pedals On A Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can switch the peloton pedals for regular pedals if you want. For example, many riders choose to swap them for SPD pedals due to the fact that they already own cycling or spin shoes with SPD cleats on them. 

Is Spinning A Good Exercise For Losing Weight? 

Yes, using a stationary peloton bike for between 30 to 60 minutes – whether you call it cycling or spinning – is an excellent workout if you’re looking to burn calories quickly and lose weight. 

Furthermore, spinning is also a low-impact exercise, which is exactly what many people need to help them shift weight. It’s not as intimidating as lifting heavy weights or going for a long run in the cold, which may explain why peloton bikes are so popular.  

Is It Ok To Exercise On A Peloton Bike Everyday? 

No matter how much you love your peloton, it isn’t advisable to use it every day. This is because the overall intensity may not allow your body to sufficiently recover between workouts, leading to burnout and a lack of physical development. 

Do Peloton Shoes Come With Cleats?

No, you’ll have to purchase cleats separately from your peloton shoes. However, to make things a little easier, you can order the two at the same time, so they come together in a single package. 

Can Instructors See You On The Peloton? 

No, peloton instructors can’t see you while you’re riding on the bike. So, if you’re wondering about the built-in camera, this can only be used for video chat with someone when you’re both participating in the same class. 

If you want to use video chat, all you need to do is go into “Profile Settings” on your peloton, and then use the social tab and click “Enable Video Chat”. It’s as simple as that! 

Can Multiple People Ride On The Same Peloton Bike? 

Yes, a number of different people can ride on the same peloton bike, even if you don’t all have peloton shoes. This is where peloton toe cages come in handy. 

Furthermore, peloton bikes allow you to change seamlessly between various accounts. Therefore, each individual can log into their specific account on the same bike.

This is particularly ideal if you’ve got several other family members who also want to use the bike and get some exercise.  

The Bottom Line 

Putting on peloton shoes and clipping them into the pedals correctly is a simple process if you’re equipped with the right information. Don’t be deterred if it takes a fair amount of time at first, the more practice you get, the quicker you’ll become. 

What’s more, the process of installing the cleats is often what takes a good chunk of the time, and thankfully, you won’t have to do this all the time. Once is enough to serve you for several workouts. 

Andrew Daniels