Resetting Bike Locks With Letters – Everything You Need to Know

It happens to the best of us. In a world filled with so many passwords and codes that you need to remember, it’s easy enough to forget the code to a Wordlock bike lock. It’s pretty annoying when it happens though! You may need to reset it if you have forgotten the password.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten the password and you can’t get the lock to open, try to stay calm. It’s not the end of the world, and your bike won’t be permanently stuck. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and the same goes for unlocking combination locks.

To help you out a little bit, we’ve written this article with some handy tips and tricks that will allow you to get that lock open in no time at all. You will also be shown how you can create a new passcode for the lock – you may want to write it down next time.

These tips should also work for the vast majority of combination locks too, so it’s ideal if you have a bike lock with either numbers or letters. Keep on reading to find out more.

Wordlock Bike Locks – What They Are

In many respects, a wordlock bike is pretty much the same as the wide variety of other combination locks for your bike that you can find on the market. The difference is that this bike lock uses letters rather than numbers for the combination. You simply need to put the right word or combination into the lock and then the shackle on the bike will release. 

This will help you to lock and unlock it. This can be very useful since it’s good for the security of your bike, but unfortunately it’s also an issue since forgetting combination bike lock codes is pretty simple to do. It’s a little easier with a wordlock bike lock since you just have to remember a word rather than a series of numbers. 

Of course, the human mind can only do so much, and you may have a moment of panic where you completely forget the bike lock combination. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you need to stay level headed. Below are a couple of ways that you can unlock the bike lock so you can get on with your day and reset it as needed.

Ways To Unlock Wordlock Bike Locks

Create a Custom Combination

The first way to unlock the bike lock is simply to input your custom set combination. This sounds simple, but you wouldn’t be in this situation if you knew the combination!

If you have suddenly had a lapse of judgment and you’ve failed to remember the correct operation of the lock, all you need to do is align the combination of letters up with tiny little notches on the mechanism for locking.

Simply pull on either side when you have done this and the lock should open up. If this doesn’t work then you may need to take more drastic measures. We have listed a few of them below.

Input the Default Combination

If you can’t actually remember your custom combination, then you can use the default combination to get it open instead. In most cases any wordlock bike lock will come with a default passcode that you can use. This is just the word SHED.

All you need to do, then, is put the combination into the lock – S-H-E-D. If the lock is new and hasn’t been changed then this will certainly be the lock for your combination. 

Hopefully this should have worked for you. If it has then you can scroll ahead to work out how you can reset the combination for your bike lock. In the event that it doesn’t work, you can do a few other things instead. 

Figure Out an Old Combination or Try Popular Options

When you first got your wordlock bike lock, you may initially have set a passcode to something that you can remember fairly easily. This could be a word that you found funny, a name you could remember or it could have been something else entirely. It’s worth giving some of those potential options a try.

Alternatively, there are also some popular combinations that a lot of people will use, such as BIKE, LOOP, FAST, TREE, and PLAY. 

Try inputting some of these options into the lock to see if it opens. If this isn’t successful for you then there’s another thing that you can try

Scroll and Pull Picking

If nothing that we have mentioned above has worked, then it’s time to play your inner lock pick. There are ways that you can pick combination locks, including the wordlock bike lock. 

If you put the lock under some tension, you’ll hear some noise that will tell you when you have put the dials in the right position. In most cases the wordlock should open if you do this. 

There’s always a chance that it may not move, in which case there’s a surefire way that you can open your wordlock bike lock but it’s going to take a long time to execute this method.

I Still Can’t Open My Wordlock – What Do I Do Now? 

If you are still struggling with the wordlock, then keep reading on if you have a lock with around three or four dials. If you have any more dials than this then your only option may be to get an entirely new bike lock instead. Look for something that may be a little more secure. You can get plenty of great bike locks on a budget, after all.

This particular method is likely to take you quite some time, so you may need to reserve it for a time when you have some moments to spare. Maybe sit down in front of the TV for a while to do this one! 

This method is going to take a super long time because you are going to have to input every single combination that there is. It usually takes around 55 minutes to do in total, though it may take much less time if you get the right combination fairly early on. Is this something that you’re willing to do? If so, good luck to you! 

Picking a Four Digit Combination Lock – How Long Will It Take?

There are ten letters on each dial of a wordlock bike. You also have four dials, and this means that in total there are 9,999 combinations that you can try. 

Now, here’s where the math comes in. If you can manage to input 3 separate codes each second, then you will manage to enter every single combination in just 55 minutes and 33 seconds. That’s if you’re speedy! 

In most cases it won’t take nearly this long to input the right combination, so it really shouldn’t take you this long to do. You’ll also manage to do it a lot faster as you get more experience with the lock too, so you can get it done pretty quickly if you play your cards right.

Successfully Picking a Wordlock

It’s not difficult to actually enter every combination, but it will help you out if you can first enter a word that you can remember so that you don’t do the same combination twice. It can be a little difficult to unlock a wordlock by picking it, but the below tips should help you out. 

The first thing that you should do is start out with a memorable word when you are aligning the dials. This can be something like the default lock combination, SHED. When you have done this, you should put a little bit of pressure on the sides of the lock as it will automatically then open up when you put the correct combination into it. 

You need to keep this pressure while you are picking the lock otherwise you may have a hard time opening the lock. If your first combination doesn’t work, you need to keep scrolling clockwise on the dial on the right hand side. Keep on scrolling until you return to your original letter.

The next thing to do is to move on to the second dial to the right side. Turn it clockwise by one letter, then return to the far right letter and go back to scrolling clockwise through the ten letters available. Keep on alternating between these two steps until you have gone through every combination.

The next thing to do is to shift the third dial by one in a clockwise motion and do the steps listed above again. Lastly you would do the same with the fourth dial and move the other dials around as listed above. Eventually the lock should open when you’ve tried every combination, or perhaps far before this point.

Now that your lock is open, you can now read the section below about how to reset the combination on your wordlock bike lock.

In some cases it still may be that you are unable to unlock the lock. If this is true for you, then you may need to cut your losses and just buy a new bike lock instead. There’s a chance that the lock may have rusted or corroded in which case the lock is going to be practically useless as it isn’t likely to open without you breaking it. 

Thankfully though, there are a bunch of secure, high quality bike locks that you can get as a replacement if you need to. 

How To Reset Your Lock

Now that you have your bike lock open, you can now work on resetting it. Of course, it has to be open for you to reset it – you can’t reset a bike lock that is shut. Follow the tips listed above if you still haven’t got the lock open. When you’re done with that, you can reset the lock.

Resetting the password is pretty simple. Start out by taking away the toothed end that you will see on the locking end. Have a look at the entrance of the lock – you’ll have one of two mechanisms. It’ll either be a flip switch or a twist mechanism. 

We’ll detail how to open both of these below. In some cases you may not have either of these mechanisms, in which case you should just follow the guidelines below for whichever mechanism looks the most like the one that you have.

Resetting Wordlock Bike Locks That Have Flip Switch Mechanisms

When you have managed to open the wordlock bike lock, you should look on the lock mechanism for a little lever. When you first see it, the lever will likely be pointing in an upwards direction.

You should then push the lever down – essentially, it needs to be pointing in the opposite direction to how you originally found it. When you have done that, the locking mechanism is put into what is known as the setting position. 

Once this is done you can then set a whole new code using the marking ridge. When you’re happy with the code, you can move the lever back into its original position to set the code in stone. 

Resetting Wordlock Bike Locks With Twist Mechanisms

When you have managed to open the wordlock bike lock, check at the bottom of the lock to find a lock mechanism. You will usually see a word on it like ‘set’ and a couple of arrows pointing in one direction.

You can put it into the set position by twisting the lock in the direction indicated by the arrows, and keep twisting it until it won’t go any further. This is the setting position needed for resetting the lock.

The steps from now on are similar to those listed above. Set the code using the marking ridge, and then turn the switch back in the opposite direction so it’s back to the way that it was. Your lock is then reset and ready to use.

Just a word of advice, though – it’s probably worthwhile to write down the new passcode somewhere so that you don’t end up forgetting it again in the future. This will save you from having to do any of the steps above all over again, which can save you a lot of time.

Locking Your Bike With a Wordlock Bike Lock

Wordlock bike locks can be an appealing option for many people, and they certainly look secure. Is that really the case, though? The truth is that it’s usually a good idea to stay away from cable locks if you can since they aren’t nearly as secure as the manufacturers would have you believe. 

Your bike could be stolen quite easily with one of these locks, since all you would need is a pair of weir cutters and you can just snap the lock off the bike. 

If you absolutely insist on using a wordlock bike lock, then it may be a good idea to also secure the wheels to the bike frame, since it will be harder for people to loosen and take away the wheels.

It’s often recommended by law enforcement that you spend roughly 15% of the bike’s overall value on security features to keep it safe. If the wordlock doesn’t cut it, then you can read on below for a couple of great recommendations that you can use instead. 

These are some of the best bike locks out there, so they are definitely worth considering if you have the budget to play with. Whatever the case, you should always bring a bike lock with you, even if it isn’t great – something is better than nothing, after all.

Are Wordlock Bike Locks Very Secure?

Since wordlock bike locks are cable locks, the answer to this is not really. They aren’t going to give you the level of security that you want and need in most cases at least. A wordlock bike lock usually consists of a shackle that is made out of a few skinny metal strands, and these are all interwoven to create a cable. 

As we mentioned earlier, a thief would have a pretty easy time trying to break through the cables, and could remove it within a few seconds in reality. The locks don’t have super high security ratings, so you should probably stay away from using it as a bike lock. It could work for securing components and bike accessories, but it’s not a good choice for securing a bike.

A Few Options To Use Instead of Wordlock Bike Locks

For Much Better Security – Kryptonite Kryptolok 990

Unfortunately the only thing missing from the Kryptonite Kryptolok is that it hasn’t managed to bag a Sold Secure rating. Beyond that, it’s a fantastic lock if you are looking for extra security for your bike when you aren’t using it. It’s certainly a better choice than the wordlock bike lock.

With this lock you will get 9mm manganese steel chain links, and this makes it significantly more secure than the wordlock cable.

Now, let’s mention the elephant in the room – it’s incredibly expensive. You could buy so many wordlock bike locks for the same cost. Here’s the thing though, you will get much better peace of mind with this lock since it’s so much more secure. 

It’s definitely worth the extra expense, since it’ll be a lot less likely that your bike will get stolen if you do use this bike lock. Since that’s the whole point of a bike lock, it seems silly not to buy it.

Sold Secure Approved and Super Affordable – OnGuard Brute

This bike lock has a whole sky full of gold stars from us. In short, it’s pretty fantastic and well worth your money.

This bike lock is actually Sold Secure Diamond rated, so that should already tell you the level of quality that you are going to be getting. This is the highest possible security rating that you can get, so thieves will pretty much have no chance of stealing your bike when this bad boy is running the show. 

It has a 16.8mm hardened steel shackle that even your most efficient bolt cutter wouldn’t be able to break through. In addition to that, it almost seems like a joke because of how affordable this thing is.

It does consist of a few slightly cheap plastics, of course, and this can be off putting to some. In reality though you really shouldn’t let this deter you from buying this bike lock, because even Sold Secure seems to agree that it’s a great choice for the security of your bike. We really can’t recommend it enough.

No Chance of Thieves – Skunklock

Thieves beware, because the Skunklock is here. This lock is truly impeccable, and thieves are going to have quite the shock if they attempt to steal any bike where the skunklock is involved in the security. In most cases bike locks can be defeated in some way or another – in most cases, all you would need is a portable angle grinder. 

Your goal is to make it increasingly difficult for anyone to steal your bike or to use the angle grinder.

You don’t want to even attempt to use an angle grinder on the Skunklock, since a compound will be released into the air in response that will make you want to hurl for hours afterwards. That’s why it’s called the skunk lock after all! It’s a very impressive bike lock that is a huge deterrent for thieves. 

It’s the kind of lock that you would want to buy with a big budget. Because it is so secure, it’s pretty expensive. It’s worth the money, but this is something that you will want to keep in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Pointless To Buy A Bike Lock? 

As we have established in this article, it’s actually pretty important to have a bike lock for your bike. If you leave a bike without any kind of lock, then it makes it a lot more likely that a thief will try to steal it. A bike can sell for quite a bit of money, especially if yours is a premium edition, making it an attractive item to thieves.

Not only that, but it can also serve as a mode of transportation, making it especially appealing. With a bike lock, you not only physically secure the bike but some bike locks such as the Skunklock are actually deterrents for thieves, meaning that they are less likely to even try to steal it.

Just make sure that you try to avoid cable locks since they usually aren’t the most efficient, and you can cut through them easily too which makes them practically redundant. 

Are There Any Bike Locks That You Cannot Cut? 

If you want a bike lock that’s difficult to cut through, your best option is to use a U lock. These are usually made out of thick metal so people would have a hard time trying to cut through it.

By the time that they did manage to cut through it, they’d probably get caught anyway! Cable locks are the least efficient since you can cut through them very easily, especially if you’re tenacious. Some bike locks also come with additional security features too, so it’s worth keeping that in mind when you make your choice. 

Is It Possible To Cut A Kryptonite Lock?

Technically you probably could cut one, but it would be quite difficult to do so. You’d need something like a hydraulic cutter, or a portable grinder that has a cut off wheel to do it.

You could also cut it using a blowtorch if you are extra desperate. You get the point though – it’s probably going to take you a long time to cut through it. This is a bit of a bummer if you’ve forgotten the lock combination or have no other way to unlock the kryptonite lock and you need to get to your bike! 

Why Would A Key Stop Working In A Lock?

There are usually two main reasons a key wouldn’t work any more in a bike lock. It could be because the barrel is broken or there’s something wrong with the mechanism inside of the lock. It may also happen thanks to problems like rust.


So that’s it – now you know how to reset a wordlock bike lock! You should hopefully now know how to crack the code so that you can reset it and make a new passcode.

Remember, make sure that you write the code down this time so you don’t forget it. Resetting a bike lock can take quite some work if you don’t actually have it open, so it’s best to avoid the issue in the future.

Andrew Daniels