The Best Peloton Shoes To Stop Toe Clogging – Wide Feet Edition

Are you thinking of hopping onto a popular exercising trend by investing in a Peloton? These machines are incredible for giving you a thorough workout and making you sweat all over, so afterwards you feel like you can achieve anything.

With a Peloton bike, you can cycle in all weathers from the comfort of your own home, making it the perfect investment for people who lead busy lives. Peloton bikes cater to a wide range of fitness levels and are compatible with various accessories. All in all, what’s not to love?

There’s just one thing that’s niggling at you: what if you can’t get Peloton shoes to fit comfortably on your wide feet?

You may find it difficult to get normal shoes that you can wear without feeling like your feet are being suffocated, so you’d think it would be even harder to find appropriate shoes that are specially designed for Peloton usage.

This isn’t a corner that you can afford to cut either - it’s one thing to grin and bear some pretty heels for an evening here and there, but putting up with poorly-fitting footwear when you’re training can cause a whole host of issues for your feet that could be catastrophic in the long run.

Peloton Shoes To Stop Toe Clogging

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered - after searching far and wide for the best wide Peloton shoes, we’re only too happy to share them with you in a handy list.

It is best to carry out your own research too as you know your individual needs better than anyone, but this is a great place to start if you’re new to the world of Peloton.

We’ll also give you some handy tips on what to look out for, and explain some of the features that Peloton shoes commonly have.

Best Peloton Shoes To Stop Toe Clogging


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Jenson Shoes

The name states that these are mountain shoes, i.e. suitable for mountain biking, but that’s not all they do - they are just as effective for use with Peloton or similar bike machines.

The word ‘wide’ also features in the name, letting you know that the shoes have been designed with people just like you in mind. A pair of bike shoes specially for wide feet sounds like a dream if you usually have to spend a lot of time and money to find well-fitting shoes, but what else makes these a great buy?

Well, the midsole and upper section of the shoe blend into one another seamlessly for optimum stability and a comfortable fit. This also makes the shoes lightweight as they don’t have any unnecessary extra parts weighing them down.

The midsole in question has a low stack height, which gives a secure feel and allows you to work out efficiently.

The aforementioned upper is a synthetic leather composite with perforations to keep it breathable, so your feet don’t stay covered in layers of sweat.

You can adjust the fit of these shoes using the BOA L6 dial, which sits on a flap positioned at the side.

This mechanism allows for quick sizing adjustments while you’re on the move, so you don’t have to use up any of your precious training time. It is also visually appealing and looks more sophisticated than large buckles and straps.


  • Available in sizes up to a US 16.2 - a greater range than most shoes.
  • Smooth construction with minimal separate components.
  • Structure of the upper part wraps in on itself to reduce overlap for a better fit.


  • Only comes in black, so no alternative color choices.


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These advanced Peloton shoes are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and support while you spin.

Although they come with SPD cleats, they are compatible with all types of cleats, and an alternative bundle with Look Delta cleats is also available.

This means you are sorted, whatever pedals you have on your bike and wherever you want to cycle - indoors on your Peloton machine or outdoors on a normal road bike.

However, do be aware that these shoes are not designed for walking when you have cleats in, so buy some proper walking shoes for this purpose.

We found the synthetic leather super comfy to wear, because it envelops your feet snugly and holds them in place, without smothering them.

There are also mesh sections in the body of the shoe, which work wonders for keeping your feet feeling fresh and ventilated - even when you’re sweating from an intense workout!

Velcro is the perfect closure mechanism for specialist training shoes, as it allows you to adjust the shoe to your feet for an ergonomic fit.

These shoes have two Velcro straps plus a buckle at the top, securing your feet at all points and letting you reach your goals.


  • Can be worn with any cleats, so you don’t have to use the cleats provided for Peloton training.
  • A reinforced fiberglass sole gives extra support, allowing you to pedal more effectively for longer periods of time.
  • Ventilated mesh in the shoe helps cool your feet down.


  • Less tread on these shoes than you get with some other brands, which sometimes hinders momentum.
  • Unsuitable for walking around in, even across short distances.


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The first thing we noticed about these shoes is the streamlined appearance - they simply look like a pair of shoes that will feel molded to your individual feet.

Upon further inspection we could observe the unique construction of the ankle part, which is designed to match the natural shape of your ankle bones, as they are not symmetrical like most shoes would suggest.

This is an innovative feature that really makes the shoes feel like part of you when you wear them, and helps prevent chafing or soreness in certain areas. We could wear these shoes all day!

The main shoe body is made from polyamide and carbon, while the sole is polyester and the lining and upper material are a range of natural and synthetic fabrics, including Microtex.

This particular blend of materials was chosen for maximum comfort and support, and you can really feel the difference in softness versus other combinations.

Each shoe is closed with a secure clasp, which has a Boa IP1 dial that allows you to make even the smallest adjustments. There is also a single Velcro strap across the front to give you the perfect fit in this part as well.

These shoes offer incredible stability throughout the duration of your exercising, no matter how long you train for.


  • Asymmetric neck that mimics the contours of your ankle, feeling fully comfortable and secure.
  • Versatile and can be worn for all your cycling adventures.
  • Sleek look and refined construction.
  • Comes in different colors to suit a range of tastes.


  • The sizes are unisex, so you may be unsure about which size to get; refer to the size chart for more information.


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Compatible with all cleats and pedal systems, these unisex shoes wil provide superior performance whatever your circumstances.

The cleats included in the package are Look Delta cleats, which have a 9-degree floating and are more comfortable than fixed cleats.

The shoes are low-cut, giving them a lightweight feel so you can put them on and take them off with ease. The lining is made from textile, and comes with a removable sockliner that you can keep in or leave out as needed.

We couldn’t discuss the Venzo RX shoes without mentioning the highly-breathable mesh system - this innovative technology has won industry awards for its superior performance and quick-drying nature, so you know your shoes mean business.

The forefoot is flexible, allowing you to achieve a full range of motion that may be required for spinning or other bike-related activities.

A bevelled heel matches the shape of your heel bone and helps propel you forwards - this is a common feature of running shoes, but is also used to great effect here as it lets you transition smoothly over the pedals.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can have confidence in your purchase.
  • Flexible and gives plenty of movement possibilities.
  • The whole pair weighs only 580g, so you can carry them around easily and won’t tire your feet out.
  • The fully-Velcro closure system is less fiddly than other mechanisms.
  • Caters for large feet with sizes up to US men’s 14.5.


  • The clip for cinching the shoe is fairly flimsy and not very flexible, so you need to handle it with care.
  • We found it quite difficult to undo the clip after tightening the shoe.


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You can buy these shoes with either a solid or perforated mesh upper, depending on your preference. However, we would heartily recommend the perforated mesh version, as we found the breathability that it offers really helps maintain comfort during those vigorous workout sessions.

It is made of MicroTech microfiber material, which is incredibly water repellent to defend from sweat and other liquids, keeping your feet nice and dry for hours on end.

While some shoes like to offer as much flexibility in the toes as possible, this model opts for a firmer feel - the idea behind it is to keep your feet positioned securely on the pedals for added stability.

This is achieved with a ‘millenium carbon composite sole’, which utilizes some of the latest technology in the industry.

Your feet are fastened in via a caliper buckle and 2 powerful Velcro straps, so they’ll stay safely inside without worrying about any slippage.

Additionally, the soft instep closure system offers comfort and adapts perfectly to the natural shape of your body.


  • Available in standard and mega men’s sizes, and women’s sizes are also available if needed.
  • Made by a revolutionary Italian company that is at the forefront of the cycling shoe market and continually seeking to make new advances.
  • Water repellent technology keeps your feet dry and lets you cycle in all weather conditions.
  • Specific sizes that cater to wide feet.


  • Only comes in black or white, so there is not much color variety.
  • Come with a steep price tag - more expensive than similar brands.


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The Giro HV is a wide fit that isn’t available for all Giro models. Luckily, it is available with the Empire shoe, featuring high volume strips for wider feet.

The lace-up closure is unusual in racing shoes, but many customers find that it allows for greater adjustment than some other systems, as well as being lighter than all its alternatives.

We thought we might experience issues with the laces flapping around and getting caught in the pedals, but we tucked the laces into the shoes and they stayed secure and out of the way.

The upper comes in one piece and is made from Teijin Samo microfiber, which is a specially-formulated material designed for high performance.

The outer part is made of EC90 SLX high-modulus carbon, so it keeps its shape even under tough pressure - therefore it will easily withstand your intense workout sessions and allow you to pedal with maximum power.

You are also able to replace the heel pads when they eventually wear out past their best.


  • Giro Empire laces are extremely durable and designed to hold for as long as you need them to.
  • High-modulus carbon outsole won’t become deformed over time or by applying pressure.
  • Compatible with all cleats based on a 3-bolt system.
  • Adapts to your foot shape and feels like a second skin.


  • If you are using cleats other than 3-bolt types, you may need to find an adapter for them to work with these shoes.

Buyer’s Guide

The Right Fit

You will often hear the advice that your Peloton shoes should have a snug fit. It is true that they should be tight enough that they feel molded to your feet, but you don’t want them to be so tight that your feet are bunched up uncomfortably.

It is especially important to find the right fit if you have wide feet, because Peloton shoes don’t afford you any extra room to just squeeze into.

Peloton produce branded shoes to use with their bikes, but these don’t cater to wide feet measurements, so you are best turning to other brands.

While bike shoes are true to size for most feet, people with especially wide feet are generally advised to get a side bigger than they usually would.


As with any product, prices for a pair of Peloton shoes vary significantly, depending on a number of factors. As a general rule, you can expect to pay around $80-$100 for a decent, mid-range pair, but this figure sits closer to the $150 mark if you really want high quality that will last.

When you have wide feet, your options for footwear are reduced considerably, so you will mainly be looking at the higher end of the price bracket to find pairs that allow the most adjustment.


You may be tempted to choose the cheapest pair of peloton shoes you can find in order to cut down on your exercise-related costs.

However, shoes that are not high enough quality can end up damaging your feet, as well as making your workout less effective than you want it to be.

To get the most from your peloton shoes, research the trusted brands in this area and what they each bring to the table - you will definitely thank yourself when you put on a fresh new pair of comfy, durable shoes that will last a long time.

Best Peloton Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Toe Clogging?

Toe clogging occurs when the ends of the feet are too wide for the shoe they’re in, meaning the toes don’t have enough space to spread out normally. Instead, they end up overlapping and ‘clogging’ the front of the shoe.

This is very uncomfortable and makes your toes feel numb, particularly over extended periods of time such as a workout session. It can also cause long-term issues, including bunions, toe deformity and chronic foot pain.

Therefore, it is essential to buy Peloton shoes that leave enough room that you can position your feet in them properly.

Is There A Way To Make A Shoe Wider?

As well as buying shoes that are already made for wide feet, there is another thing you can try to help your feet fit better.

This also works if your feet are wider than their normal size (for example you have bunions or a foot injury), so you need to create some extra room inside to make them comfortable.

You will need to get hold of a shoe expander, which are available in most department stores or on Amazon. These handy tools are able to increase the shoe measurements both lengthwise and widthwise as required.

They are usually made from strong, durable plastic and reinforced with steel shafts, so you can exert enough force on them to achieve your desired width.

All you have to do is insert the plastic end into the shoe, placing it at the point that needs more room. Then turn the expander in a clockwise direction so that the two halves of plastic separate and start to force the shoe outwards.

Repeat as necessary, making sure you try it on your feet in between expansions so you know when you’ve reached the ideal size. You can also leave the expander inside the shoe for a while to set the new shape.

Andrew Daniels